Warehousing Handling

Warehouses are necessary for the storage of inventory. As a result, management of the inventory and stock is equally important. The processes involved, include the recording and tracking of materials on a quantity and value basis. The warehousing management includes planning, entry and documentation of stock movements, such as goods receipts, issues, physical stock transfers and transfer postings, as well as the performance of physical inventory or stocktaking.

Warehouse management processes also comprise and consist of the internal movements and storage of materials, within the warehouse. Warehousing management helps in the smooth progress of planned cross- docking. The planned cross- docking helps to match inbound deliveries with the outbound deliveries. There are two steps involved in cross docking. The first one transfers the goods, with one transfer order from inbound to outbound. The second one helps to transfer goods from inbound to an interim storage. This creates a subsequent transfer order, from the interim storage to outbound deliveries.

Inventory management helps to manage the sock of a company in quality and value. It is integrated with the supply chain and is responsible for goods receipts, goods issues and managing different stock enterprises and special stocks. Warehousing handling also helps to summarize visibility of stocks, in the supply chain.

Warehouse handling manages the material flow, using advanced strategies. The strategies are classified into two groups – put away and picking strategies. The put away strategy includes random put away, bulk storage or addition to stock. The picking strategy includes LIFO or last-in-first-out, FIFO or first-in-first-out, or picking by SLED, shelf life expiration date.

Warehousing also includes task and resource management that help to control and optimize the tasks. Task and resource management as well as storage and stock management are all a part of warehouse handling and they help to monitor the routine warehousing activities.

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