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The Main Reasons Why Most Online Systems to Generate Money Will Fail!

If you are looking at ways to earn money online to make your life easier without spending more time earning, you have to look at passive income. These are the things to avoid when looking for an opportunity.

If you have been looking at all the “systems” available to make money online you would surely have found that most of them to be expensive and just plain “HYPE”, like me.

1. Selling.
In most cases you will have to sell to earn. Most of us do not like the idea of selling and would rather not get involved with a company and its products if we have to sell.

2. Recruiting.
All systems include people, who you have to recruit and that is selling again and we do not want to sell, we do not want methods on how to sell.The recruiting methods they teach you, often don’t work, or there are none.

3. Time-consuming.
In the advertising they always tell you how much time you would have once the passive income was coming in, they never tell you it could take years. But once you start looking at the, the successful people, you will find that they are working harder than ever, have less time to spend on their passions, and were still not doing what they wanted to do.

4. Capital Investments.
Almost all off the companies involved expect you to lay out money, up to $3200.00. The average is about $179.00. But if you need to make money, you don’t have $179.00 to invest. To take this opportunity is and will always stay a risk. Most will not generate, most do not have systems that work and will fail you and you will not get your money back! You will have to work hard to make money.

5. Not making money.
Most of the time you will not make money, you will spend a lot more than what you make and there is always hidden cost involved, more books more that!

6. Complicated systems.
I found most systems to be very complicated, you need to be a bit off a computer boffin to understand it. You find yourself spending more and more time to understand it and to use it effectively. In the end you just give and once again start from scratch. More money down the drain.

7. Pushed to work harder.
Let`s be honest, you are doing this to earn more money, a passive income, and you really do not need more pressure to perform. You do not need that additional pressure, especially because you are doing it in your spare time, you want to make money!

8. Poor Products or Services.
Sometimes the product or service you are selling/promoting is just not of a high enough standard or just plain overpriced. To find other people to sell this to will be almost impossible.

9. Expensive products.
If you are trying to make money and the product is expensive, who are you going to sell to if your friends are also broke, or if the product you are promoting/selling takes three months at least to be used, who will your market be, how will you make money? So now you once again need to know the right people or become a super salesperson.

10. Motivating People.
Can you motivate people all the time if you need to do it. As we all know it is a pain in the neck. If your success is dependent on that it can become very difficult to maintain forward momentum.

11. Pressure to perform.
With most companies your earnings are dependent on your performance and this will put you under pressure all the time. If most of your earnings are based on performance it will send you in a buying frenzy al the time to reach targets so that you can put the money in your pocket, instead of just earning your passive income.

12. Support.
So often there is no proper support to help you get started and make money. You struggle on your own and eventually have to give up.

13. The illusion.
To earn a huge passive income is just a pipe dream. Why, in most systems you can never stop working. If you want to earn passive income you have to work continuously. For this reason you will find that 98% of people jumping headlong into will not succeed. Their dream of making millions shattered for all or most of the reasons mentioned above.

The above has been my experience of internet marketing and earning a real passive income. We , you and me are looking for a real way to generate a passive income and that is that.

To succeed we are willing to work but not to sacrifice, we want to take the first step and invest: OUR TIME.

But we want to see and feel the RESULTS!

Good wishes goes with you on this path, if you find the system that works, let me know, if you find a system that made your dreams come true, call me immediately!

Francois du Toit

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