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    Conversations For a Non-Native English Speaker – Part 2

    Some time back I had written an article on teaching first generation speakers of the English Language basic conversation skills. I had focused on areas that they will need to be comfortable speaking in. These are listed below again. In the primary block are: 1. Bank 2. Supermarket 3. Restaurant 4. Hospital Next in order of importance: 1. Police 2. Railway Reservations 3. Air Tickets 4. Hotel Bookings Not so important but can also be covered: 1. Post Office 2. Library 3. Office 4. Social Gathering The questions related to Banks were related to: 1. Opening an Account 2. Accessing an existing Account 3. Making or receiving Money Transfers 4.…

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    How to Customize Your Bio for Different Speeches

    To customize your bio for consideration for a speaking engagement, start with your basic boilerplate bio that covers all the essentials. Remember I don’t care where you went to school or how many years you have been in business. I want to know “what have you done for me lately.” Are you savvy with today’s current “hot button” issues? Convey that in your bio. Spice it up with names that create resonance. For example, I have spoken at the White House (twice). That always opens doors for me. Have you been involved with some household name recognition project or company? Make sure to mention that in your bio. What impresses…

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    Get Your Message Across by Creating Powerful Stories

    Stories are an incredibly powerful way to communicate. But you don’t have to take it from me. Consider Plato’s view: “Those who tell stories rule society.” Perhaps you don’t want to rule society, but you would like to be a bit more influential. Creative writing instructor Robert McKee: “Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” Now we’re talking – all of us have ideas we want to share and have spread. The bottom line is that if we want to communicate more effectively, stories can help us do that. Yet, there is an art to crafting and telling stories in a powerfully effective…

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    English Proofreading Software – Easily Proofread Like an Expert!

    If you are one of those people who love writing, but just despise the fact that you have to spend so much of your precious writing time proofreading your work. Writers sure know about how much time is spent for proofreading articles, newsletters and other digital documents, and to save precious time, it is better to use some English proofreading software while writing. There are many types of English proofreading software available in the stores today. With the help of this proofreading software, you can build, recorrect, rephrase and on the overall, improve the writing quality of your writing. In fact, with the help of an effective English proofreading software,…

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    The Pros and Cons of Squidoo

    Squidoo is a great online writing platform that is free to join. It allows you to showcase your work and earn an online residual income at the same time. The more lenses you create, the more traffic you will receive and thus the more money you can make. However, as many pros as there are with the site, there may be one con that may hinder you in wanting to write for the site. The Pros High Traffic Site. Squidoo naturally ranks high in the search engines. Thus every time you create a new lens it will also rank good so that you can get more search engine traffic. Great…

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    Vintage Fountain Pens

    There are so many different and unique things for people to collect. Some of the things are worth money, while there are others that do not have much money value, but do have personal worth for one reason or another. There are some people that do enjoy collecting different items and have a lot of fun searching for them. One item for collecting is a fountain pen. There are so many unique and classic styles of these pens to choose from. Fountain pens were used in the early years as a method of writing. They came shortly after the quill pen. The defined body styles of some of the vintage…

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    Speed Reading Course – Unbelievable Power at Your Fingertips

    Speed reading course has been gained great popularity recently. The idea is simple: you can read at a speed several times faster therefore saving you a lot of time. Not only saving a lot of time but also speed reading skill can help you getting a better comprehension upon the content of the material that you read. 1. Students and ExecutivesStudents and executives especially can get a great deal of benefits from speed reading course. Students can get a better comprehension and retention to prepare for the next exam. Also, executives can get a great benefit. Imagine if you have to read through hundreds of documents and articles, would it…

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    From Space Scientist to Novelist – A Conversation With Bob Boan

    Please welcome my guest, scientist-turned-author Bob Boan. Boan has been a member of the space community for over twenty-five years developing RF and optical systems for communications and sensing satellites. He has multiple patents and publications in his field. Previously, he served in academia. He earned a BS from Campbell University, a master’s from the University of Mississippi and a doctorate from Florida Institute of Technology. He’s with us today to talk about his latest coming-of-age novel, Bobby Becomes Bob, published by Twilight Times Books. Q:Thanks for being my guest today, Bob. From space scientist to literary author… will you share with my readers how this came about? A:I first…

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    Great Philosopher and Writer – Voltaire

    Although he was born as Francois-Marie Arouet, that was a name that has faded mostly into the more obscure parts of history, and he is much more commonly known by the name he used in his writings, and Voltaire trivia is likely to be interesting to anyone with an interest in the French philosophies of his time (1694-1778) as well as with the process and progress of the general enlightenment movement. A Voltaire quiz will show that he was very well educated, and was the recipient of a Jesuit education which would teach him both Latin and Greek, and he would develop an affluence for languages there, becoming fluent in…

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    A Or An Before “historic”

    Have you ever been confused about when to use “a” and “an” before words beginning with “h”? You’re not alone. Some of the most famous people in the world don’t use the rules properly. Here’s what the style guides say: Prentice Hall Reference Guide to Grammar and Usage (2003) says that “a” is used before consonant SOUNDS, not just consonants. Use “an” when the word following it starts with a vowel or an unsounded “h.” The Gregg Reference Manual, Ninth Edition, concurs. Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, University of Chicago Press, says: The indefinite article a, not an, is used in American English before words beginning with a pronounced…

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