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    Newspeak 2008 – The Murdering of Thought

    Judith Mudd is the Head of the British Sociological Association. She woke up on tuesday morning, had breakfast with her husband (tea, eggs and bacon) and gave fish cakes to her dog. She took her car and drove to her work. While driving, she thought about lines she read in bed in George Orwell’s 1984: “You haven’t a real appreciation of Newspeak, Winston. Even when you write it you’re still thinking in Oldspeak. I’ve read some of those pieces that you write in The Times occasionally. They’re good enough, but they’re translations. In your heart you’d prefer to stick to Oldspeak, with all its vagueness and its useless shades of…

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    Why Are We Losing the Ability to Speak/Write Correctly?

    It’s not just reporters, it’s everyone. It’s web-casters, celebrities, politicians, people who post articles, etc. How’s this for a quote, “Today is the time, and now is the place”. Senator Kennedy actually said this in public a few days ago. Over the past few weeks, in print, on the radio, on the television, here are a few examples of what I’ve heard/read and made note of. “After we’ve installed your new hot-water heater….” “You’ll find that our sherbert is the smoothest and creamiest….” (Person approaching fast food counter) – “Can I have ….” “Well, it’s your prerogative to think that way,….” “Cold effects the body, and theirby…” (not a typo).…

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    How to Use a Dictionary If You Cannot Spell the Word – Part 2

    In Part 1 of this topic we looked at the first part of the strategy for searching the dictionary. To read this just go to my article titled: How to Use a Dictionary If You Cannot Spell the Word – Part 1. This identified how you start to work out the letters in a word before you even open the dictionary. In this article you learn how to use the dictionary to find the spelling and meaning of the word you are searching for. So, you have determined roughly where in the dictionary you need to start looking for the word. Again let’s look at the word “receive” which you may have thought…

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    Legacy Writing – 19 Questions to Help You Put Your Life on Paper

    There are more than six billion people on the planet and I am a firm believer that every one of us has a story to tell. We all do the best we can with what we’ve got, spend most of our lives trying to determine what is most important, face huge obstacles, and learn from our worst mistakes. So how strange is it that on a planet with so many stories, every one of them is so important? I’m not implying that every one of those stories is important to everyone. My point is that every one of those stories is important to someone. To the person whose story is…

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    Express Yourself Fully

    In any kind of the relationship and in life, it is very important for us to express our self fully. All humans are nothing but are the puppets of emotions. Every day hundred of emotions arise inside us. These emotions force us to behave or act in particular way. The stronger an emotion is, stronger it will be force us to behave or act in his accordance. Weak emotions mostly die slow death and disappear in the routine of life. However still many times due to the various reasons and compulsions, we are forced to suppress these strong emotions. These reasons or compulsions could be social factor, self confidence, circumstances…

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    Extreme Branding in Fiction

    There is nothing better than a good biography and there is nothing worse than a book which poses as biography, has a smattering of truth in it and then sells itself as fact – pseudobiography, usually with conversation. We are all wary of the peddling of lies by the media, by politicians, by financial advisers and by realtors. But we are not wary enough of the invention of false history by writers of fiction. Perhaps the reason is that self-interest is not so obviously at play and, in seeking to be entertained, we are off our guard. Moreover writers are not so much economical with the truth but rather over-generous…

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    10 Ways to Improve Your Fiction Manuscript

    Writing a novel is no easy feat, and there are few that can’t be improved upon. Even after you’ve finished the “final draft”, you’ll likely want to go back and polish, especially since you’ll often catch mistakes on the fifth read that you missed on the first four. If you aren’t certain whether your fiction manuscrpt is the best that it can be, follow these ten ways to improve it. Sharpen the Dialogue A common problem with fiction manuscripts is dialogue. If your characters’ conversations are too wordy, they can detract from the overall flow of your novel, so work on trimming and sharpening the dialogue so that it flows…

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    Over Used Words

    How many words do you utter in a day? Of course we don’t count them. But have you noticed what words you usually use or say? Every day we throw too many words when we talk to someone or to ourselves. We keep on repeating the same words as we keep on repeating the same stories we tell from one friend to another. That’s why we sometimes opted to gather them all and tell them the whole story as not to repeat the same one. I have three words which I often overuse. These are okay, thanks, and sorry. Every day when I wake up in the morning, I would…

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    For the Love of Words – How to Use Yours Effectively

    “Words, words, words; I’m so sick of words,” were the lyrics sung by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, which I watched on AMC not too long ago. Her disdain was in sharp contrast with Professor Higgins’ obsessive love of words. This got me thinking about my lifelong love affair with words and the responsibility that comes along with that. I recently saw motivational speaker and author Les Brown address a group of businesswomen. Les skillfully speaks in quotable sound bites and uses words better than many for inspiring people to take action in their own lives. What he had to say about using your words effectively was this, “Never…

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    To Writing a Newspaper Article – The Correct Approach

    Pondering on the method to write a newspaper article in a well worded, concise manner that includes all the necessary points? Wondering whether the first paragraph or the main body of the news article where you reveal all the details, is more important? This article outlines the point by point formula to writing an article for the newspaper. This will surely help you garner more readership and more support. Here are 3 simple steps to get you started. Step 1 – Write in an unbiased, true and factual manner.Step 2 – Cover all the components of the news item. Step 3 – Follow the pyramid format for newspaper reporting. Here…

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