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    Love and Relationship Advice For Men

    Women and men are completely different in the way they love, and until you accept this, it’s going to be difficult to have a relationship with the opposite sex, relationship advice for men is going to tell you that you are different, that your woman and you love in completely different ways. Research has shown that a man’s brain and a woman’s brain react differently to certain emotions. Love is one of the strongest emotions humanity can have, but a man and a woman react differently to it. In order to love completely as a man it’s important to accept that you’re different from women, that you love with a…

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    Dealing With Break Up – 3 Proven Techniques to Ease Pain From Break Up Quickly

    The faster you ease your pain from break up, the better chances you can get back ex back. With pain and sadness continue to keep inside your heart, not even will hurt you but you hurt more to your ex because you will act emotionally. Think twice before you act just after the crucial stage of break up. Dealing with Break Up #1 Go out with friends Relieve your sad, forget about it and go out with your friends. While during outing, you can share with your friends about the break up and let your friends hear your story. Their feedback might not help but it opens your mind and…

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    The Anatomy of an Unhealthy Relationship – Part 1

    Most people desire a healthy, supportive, loving relationship when they choose to pair up with another person romantically. When both parties are emotionally balanced, this outcome is possible with effort and communication from both partners. However, sometimes people bring damaging personal issues or pathology into the union. An unhealthy relationship is any relationship between people that is physically, emotionally, or spiritually destructive to one or both parties, or that inhibits growth in those areas. Verbal and emotional abuse is common to unhealthy relationships, though it isn’t always easy to detect. If you find yourself feeling inferior, incapable, or questioning your perception of reality when around your partner, this merits a…

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    Romantic Ideas to Keep Him Excited! Here is What Every Woman Must Have on Her List Right Now

    Generally, it’s easy to make a guy excited, especially when the relationship is new. But keeping that excitement? Now that’s another story. So here are some ideas to keep the romance alive and the excitement high. Hit the gym. There is nothing like regular exercise to keep your body healthy and yourself, feeling good. And there’s nothing like a physically fit, happy woman to keep a man excited. It takes discipline but the benefits are worth the effort. Visit the salon. It isn’t all about vanity, it’s also therapeutic. After a week of hard work at home and in your job, you need to relieve yourself of stress and one…

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    Relationship Healing – Checklist For Growing Your Relationships

    Our relationships are more valuable than all of our other assets combined; yet they are also the assets that we tend to take-for-granted the most. Employers expect their employees to be loyal, without bothering to ask what makes people loyal. Couples neglect their mates’ needs, yet expect their mates’ love to remain the same. People often hurt those closest to them and don’t even notice until it’s too late. Sadly, the number one reason couples give for divorce in this country is feeling taken-for-granted. So how are your relationships doing? Are they healthy, or do they need a little nourishment? If you are not sure, consider how many of these…

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    Can Open Relationships Really Work?

    Here are some reasons when an open relationship starts falling off and some suggestions on how you can still hope to make it work. Article: How long has it been since you and your partner have blown each other minds? If it’s been a while and you’re thinking that the fire’s died out, you might consider having an “open relationship.” This means that you and your partner are free to do whatever and whoever you want. It sounds ideal for folks whose love is a dying ember. But does it really work? Although there are some happy open couples, most psychologists and marriage therapists will tell you that they don’t.…

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    Putting People On A Pedestal Stops Us From Growing

    I was thinking the other day about how much of an obsession there is with celebrities in today’s world. Actors, sports stars, singers, and even people who have been on reality TV are often seen as gods/goddesses. On the surface, it can seem as though most people in the west are not very religious and have moved on from this, but it might be more accurate to say that they simply have different gods now. In general, they don’t look up to someone in the sky, but what a lot of people do do, is look up to the people they see on TV or on a stage, for instance.…

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    Relationships Tips

    When I want relationships tips, I have learned to look for folks who focus on strengths and I look for folks who have a long track record of research. Researchers are curious folks, who have learned to apply the scientific method to questions they have, and I really value the insights those folks gather up. I have been involved in domestic violence psycho-eduction for about 20 years now, and family violence is a serious issue with long lasting repercussions for the perpetrator, the victim, and the children who may witness it, or who live in stress. As part of my program, I have always taught skills so that when my…

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    Why You Should Prioritize Your Relationships

    In this Internet age, there are more and more things that are competing for your attention. While in the past people only have a few options to pay their attention to, these days you have thousands of options. In such a situation, it’s easy to forget the importance of relationships. You might replace them with other things such as your work, hobby, or activities. But relationships should have high priority in your life. Why? Because your relationships are the place where you can get lasting happiness. It’s through relationships that you can love and be loved. And love is an essential human need. Where else can you get love but…

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    Love and Relationship Advice

    The question lingers from time immemorial. Why is love so painful and beautiful at the same time? Why do you feel so alive when you first meet someone that your soul feels in touch with? If this feeling is so real so tangible so undefined then why it is almost impossible to maintain it in a relationship from wedding day till death do us part? The defining thing of love is knowledge. So you cannot by default love something you do not know. That is why meeting someone special for the first time cannot be love even at first sight but is infatuation. So if Jack meets Jill in an…

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