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    Four Easy Ways on How to Study For Exams More Effectively

    Studying for exams is one of the most stressful times a student can have. Performing well on an exam can pay huge dividends and if you are a student who struggles on exams this article will help you learn how to study more effectively. The main focus of this article is to focus on four easy concentration methods designed to help you study more effectively and it all starts with studying when you are sharp. Study according to your body clock and when you learn best. Everybody knows when their most productive time during the day is. My most productive time was at night between 6pm and midnight and if…

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    How Weight Loss Surgery Works

    Weight loss surgery has been shown to produce significant results for those who are unable to lose weight through other methods. For those who are morbidly obese, the procedures can be life-changing. In addition to helping patients shed pounds, some procedures such as gastric bypass surgery have been shown to eliminate other serious health problems, including diabetes. But if you are considering a surgical procedure, it’s important to do your homework and educate yourself on your options. Every patient is different. An experienced bariatric (weight loss) doctor will help determine if you are a candidate for surgery, and if so, which type of procedure is best for your situation. It…

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    Free Educational Websites For Preschool – School-House-Rock

    It would be hard to argue the popularity of contemporary children’s music today. As innovative as it seems, this is not the first time that the contemporary music of the day was used to educate children. In fact, School House Rock blazed this uncharted territory in the 70’s. For my next article in the series I am going old school. Writing about educational websites without including one that is a salute to School House Rock, would be just plain wrong. Especially when you consider how much kids learned from these short cartoons aired on Saturday mornings. School-house-rock.com is a free educational website tribute to these brilliant cartoon shorts. The site…

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    Formal, Non-formal and Informal Learning – The Case of Literacy, Essential Skills and Languages

    Do you know the differences between formal, non-formal and informal learning? Do you know how they apply to literacy and second language acquisition? In April 2010, I released a full-fledged research report on the topic. The title of the report is “Formal, non-formal and informal learning: The case of literacy and language learning in Canada”. It investigates the links between formal, non-formal and informal learning and the differences between them. In particular, the report aims to link these notions of learning to literacy and essential skills, as well as the learning of second languages in Canada. Philosophical underpinnings of this research are: * There is value in learning of all…

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    Longcase Clocks – A History

    Since the earliest times man has been compelled to keep track of the passage of time. Initially, there were instruments like sundials that tracked the movement of the sun across the sky. Later this gave way to instruments like hourglasses and ultimately mechanical clocks. The middle of the 13th century saw the development of the first mechanical clocks. These were enormous contraptions with iron frames and large gears. You would typically find these in a church tower and they were used to activate the large church bells every hour. In a way these were the first grandfather clocks. As the craftsmanship of the time progressed it became possible to make…

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    Essential Information Concerning Indigenous Sami-Saami

    The Sami inhabited region does not openly welcome non-organized outsiders on any very large scale. The state government here has made many attempts to keep browsing people away from Karelia and the Kola Peninsula. Also, the infrastructure of the Kola Peninsula is still and will be a huge problem for years to come. And, tourism to the Russian Lapland is unfortunately a very slowly growing business with much work to be done. I clearly remember a moment when my inner voice whispered, “You will come back not once…” The main motive for my visits was my memory of a past life and unresolved family affairs. The reader may believe or…

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    Valuable Study Tips For Those Who Are Taking Examinations

    Pressured for the upcoming examinations? Are you having a hard time memorizing important details of this and that? Or are you going crazy thinking about which book to open first? These are just few of the dilemmas of every student and every individual who is about to take licensure examinations. Probably no one loves to take long examinations or even short and long quizzes but it is all part of learning and it will test how far you have learned. Failing an exam is really painful especially when all you need is just a single point. It feels like you were hit with a shock gun after knowing that you…

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    Improved Classroom Technology and the New Learning Ways

    Interactive whiteboard is a smart invention by technology; an invention which has brought a tremendous change in the classroom technology. Due to the installation of the interactive whiteboards in every classroom students have become smarter in their studies as they are paying attention when the teachers are teaching. The teachers are also happy as it has a reduced a major task of student concentration from their list. The colourful and easy to understand resources has played a vital role in the positive changes happening in the classroom technology. Technology is not always welcomed when it in its primary stage. But as it grows it spreads its essence in every bit…

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    When Do We Choose a Good Friend?

    Every one of us is surrounded by friends. Some people have many of them and some have a few. Regardless how many friends do you have, it won’t change the fact that friends are really important in our life. We can’t deny the precious moments when we were young where we started to mingle and play with our friends. It was the time when we started to build the friendship in our neighborhood, in our school and in any places where people meet other people at the park, in the church, at the mall and many others. There are times that it’s not easy to win and make friends. When…

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    Enrollment for 2010-2011 Is Closed

    It is time to begin recruiting for the fall of 2011. When school starts enrollment is closed. Sure, almost every school in the country will accept one more student at any time but the recruiting has ended. Spending time trying to increase this year’s enrollment is suboptimal. The optimal choice is to begin recruiting for next fall on the first day of the current school year. In late winter and early spring, families begin to think about changing schools, enrolling their children in kindergarten or as freshmen, and moving to a new home. Why wait until then to start the recruiting process? Why do you want to be one of…

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