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    How To Be An “A” Student In School

    1- Most students choose the wrong career in life, which affects their learning and success in school. As a student you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not good or comfortable with numbers, calculations and manipulations, then you should not be in sciences, or are you so good and efficient in writing, reading, observing, dramatizing, making people laugh or singing then maybe you should be in Arts, are you someone that enjoys commerce, business, transactions and handling of money then maybe you should be where it soothes you best, commercial class or department. This bold step could either make or break your career in life and…

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    Global Management As a Career

    Speedy increase in world’s economy is giving birth to, many new industries and businesses all around the globe. Global management industry is one of the products of this rapid economical rise. It is a very vast terminology and it includes many sub branches. It is process of organizing something in a professional manner. It is all about creating, innovating, planning and executing. Global management is fascinating and thrilling profession which requires extra ordinary innovative skills with a lot of motivation. It requires a lot energy and enthusiasm. To develop and polish such skills MBA in this field has been introduced as a new type of MBA. Adopting this as a…

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    Marine Engineering

    The branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacture and the methods of operations in ships and the machinery items that are used for ship travel is called Marine Engineering. This branch of engineering also deals with the building of ships as well as the maintenance of ships and also the other sailing vessels. Usually the marine engineers supervise the crew which is involved in operating the machines. They will check whether all the electric motors are functioning very smoothly, the steam engines, the propulsive engines and all the other engines are functioning smoothly. They increase their efforts for improving the efficiencies of the turbines especially the gas turbines,…

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    Surviving Your First Year of Teaching

    When you decide to become a teacher, the truth of the matter is that teacher preparation programs give you skills and technique, but they simply do not teach you the reality of classroom teaching. As a new teacher, you may be caught off guard. You can become quickly overwhelmed when you first set foot in a classroom. You may feel like you are constantly behind the eight ball and the job of teaching can rapidly become your entire life. You may easily spend up to seventy hours or the week on schoolwork. Unanticipated problems can send even the most dedicated new teacher running. However, with a little knowledge and preparation,…

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    How Many Books Do You Read A Week?

    Research has shown that, the reading standard in Ghana today among both the young and old is falling swiftly. That is to say, we are becoming lazy in picking a book, be it a novel or a motivational book to read. We tend to be watching movies, tele-novellas, listening to music and enjoying other hobbies than reading. The excuse we sometimes give is that, “we can’t be reading a novel to the detriment of our textbooks” but I ask; do we read our textbooks 24/7? Why can’t we use our leisure to at least read other books? If you ask me, I will say the novels and motivational books are…

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    How to Find a Tutor

    Parents are always looking for tutors. They look for tutors in the fall, in the spring, and even in the summertime. However, they do not always know where to turn to find the best tutor for their child. I am going to explain some ways for parents to find a qualified tutor. The easiest way to find a tutor is by contacting a tutoring agency in your vicinity. Make sure that the tutoring company is well established and professional before contacting it. The longer a company exists, the better it generally is. Read reviews on tutoring agencies. You can find them online in places such as Yellow Pages and Google…

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    The Cultural Shocks in Teaching Jobs Abroad Can Be Overcome

    The entire world is sharply affected by globalization. The most apparent are where this is seen is education. The definition of education has changed completely due to globalization. These days there are international colleges and schools that send teachers to various countries for learning. While the teaching job abroad is exciting, it makes the teachers feel lonely and alone. This is due to a different ambiance and to a bit, cultural shock. This feeling is bound to afflict all of us, sometime in our life. The cultural shock is experienced when we go to a country completely different from our own. The rules, customs may be totally new to you.…

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    Education – Fundamental Right of Every Child

    “Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.”-Kofi Annan Education is an act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical potential of an individual. A vital element to balance the societal factors, education contributes to the economic development of a country. Countries without educated population cannot foresee and implement the best policies necessary for the growth of an otherwise developing country. The battle to make elementary education imperative for everyone was started by the great son of India, Gopal Krishna Gokhale about hundred years ago. He urged before the…

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    Staying Healthy: Didactic Teaching Method in Pharmacy Schools

    When teaching medical studies through the didactic method, instructors use a wider method of teaching that involves theory and practical applications. Experiential learning is also didactic learning where a student learns in an unstructured manner. The beginning of didactic learning focuses on the knowledge that students already have and improves on this knowledge base. The teacher in this type of scientific teaching is a guide, mentor and resource for students. This method of didactic education brings together classroom, laboratory, clinical and patient experiences. In pharmacy education this experiential component provides exposure to settings in an actual pharmacy and learning how to cope with patients, medical professionals, and drug companies. Students…

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    Brief Notes on US History

    History is a very important subject. It is of paramount importance to know the history of the world that we live. However, not many people are interested in learning history. They say that history is boring. But, it is necessary that you know the history of the country you live, at the least. I presume that the readers of this article are from USA. So, a brief knowledge of the US history is important. Let me quickly run through the history of USA in this article. It is a well-known fact that Christopher Columbus is the discoverer of America. It dates back to the 15th century. To be specific, it…

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