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    Eight Amazing Facts About Rabbits

    Rabbits can do many amazing things. As the popularity of rabbits increases so does the need for the facts. There are so many things people need to know about rabbits. It was extremely difficult to compile a list that covered everything…so I didn’t. The following list is a compilation of odd or amazing facts about rabbits that either shocked me and made my jaw drop when I learned of them or were just too unique not to share. Here’s the list: 1. Many know that rabbits are well-known for their mating habits. In fact, some cultures recognize rabbits as a symbol of fertility. But did you know that rabbits can…

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    9 Essentials For Having a Cockatoo Roam Free in Your House

     If you let your bird spend a TON of time out of its cage, like I do with my goffins cockatoo Boo, you will need a few things to keep your sanity.  I use the term “free range cockatoo” because Boo spends the majority of his time out of the cage and is practically a “house bird” (except he goes in his cage when I am out for an extended period of time or when in his sleeping cage at bedtime). The phrase also makes me LOL. Items on my list seem to fall under the cleaning and home preservation categories. Here are some products I have and use, or…

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    Veterinarians – How Should You Choose One?

    I remember the day we brought home our first dachshund. We went to look at puppies, again… It had been a dream of my girlfriends since she was a little girl to have a miniature dachshund. She had been showing me pictures for months. One Saturday, we found what we thought was the perfect dachshund puppy for us. However, picking him up on the weekend left us in a bit of a pinch. We had to get him checked over by a vet in to comply with our purchase agreement quickly and we didn’t have a vet yet.. Monday morning we went to the animal hospital closest to us. It…

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    Where to Watch Butterflies

    Have you ever wondered why sometimes nature looks so mystic? That is because we do not watch it closely. While a part of the world’s population is blasting with the cacophony of global business, a great section sits quietly, drinking the pleasant sap of nature’s inspirational beauty. Butterfly watching (or simply butterflying) is a hobby that is gaining its popularity day by day. Just as there for bird watchers, there are clubs, associations and even festivals devoted to the activity of butterflying. Although United Kingdom has the highest number of butterfly lovers per head of population than any other country the global community of the butterfly watchers is growing. NABA…

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    A Puppies For Sale Sign And An Accident

    Have you ever felt compelled to do something, and not known why? Yet you have just done it, followed the urge, and found yourself in an amazing situation to do good, and do something almost heroic, and yet known, why you ever had that urge in the first place? One of my ideas in life is that everything happens for a reason. I do not always see that at the time it is occurring, however upon reflection I can make the links. A near tragedy, which changed my daughter’s life forever, can be linked to a fateful day when she saw a puppies for sale sign in a yard two…

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    Training Ferrets to Use the Litter Box Getting You Down? Learn the Easy Steps to Train Them

    The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. We’ve all gone through this. Most kits will use the whole cage as a litter box (except for the litter box). Kits are known for playing and throwing litter everywhere from Tibet to Tulsa… Litter Box, training ferrets- The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. We’ve all gone through this. Most kits will use the whole cage as a litter box (except for the litter box). Baby ferrets are known for scratching kicking and throwing litter all over from Seattle to Singapore. (The ONLY instance that ferrets are similar to cats in when you use…

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    The Love of a Pet Owner

    You’ve received the forwarded e-mails, I’m sure. The ones with the adorable and funny animal pictures – the cat flushing the toilet, the dog wearing sunglasses and the bird wearing mother’s jewels. There is no doubt that we are entertained by such lovable furry creatures, but why is this?Perhaps it is because even the best-trained of our pets are like children – spontaneous in their actions and always ready to give love to the person who needs it. These are the reasons that children and pets alike endear themselves to us. We live in a dog-eat-dog world, if you would please forgive the pun! The daily stresses of finances, a…

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    The History Of The Pug

    Faithful, eager, clever, affectionate, good-natured, and impressibly high-spirited. These are all words that describe the Pug dog. The pug has a long history dating back to at least 700 B.C. Originated in China; the wrinkle that forms a W on its forehead was actually known as the Chinese character for “Prince”. There is much debate on the subject of how the pug got its name. The first recorded appearance of the word pug in the English language was in 1566 meaning “endearment”. By 1600 the word came to be known to mean “courtesan” or “bargeman”. Then by the middle of the next century it finally appeared in the Oxford English…

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    Pet Health-A Beginner’s Guide

    Most pets enjoy relatively trouble-free and healthy lives, but nevertheless one in two pets will need veterinary care each year, an event which can be both upsetting and expensive for the pet’s owners. Get the Basics Right Your pet’s chances of a long and healthy life can be drastically improved by following these guidelines, which apply to most four-legged pets, especially cats, dogs and rabbits. Vaccinations Vaccinations are essential to protect against some of the more dangerous diseases your pet might suffer from, including Kennel Cough and Distemper in dogs and cat flu and feline leukaemia in cats. Kittens and puppies are usually started on a course of vaccinations at…

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    Popular Rabbit Breeds

    When considering what rabbit breed you want to select as your next pet, you certainly have a wide variety to choose from. This article will briefly review some of the most popular rabbit breeds to date. Lops are a group of rabbit breeds known for their distinctive floppy ears. There are several different types of lops, including the popular American Fuzzy Lop and the Holland Lop. American Fuzzy Lops have long fur and are somewhat shy; Holland Lops are compact and cute, and known for their pleasant temperament. The Rex is a breed of rabbit that comes in standard or mini sizes. Standard Rex rabbits weigh in at around eight…

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