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    Most Common Problems Pet Owners Face

    Pets enrich our lives in an almost endless number of ways. Whether greeting us at the door, keeping us company when we are down or simply entertaining us, having a pet in your life is a great way to improve the quality of your life. For all that they add for our lives, we owe it to them to do all we can for them in return. One of the ways to ensure your pet enjoys a long, happy life is to understand the common problems pet owners face. Inappropriate Elimination Inappropriate elimination refers to the unseemly practice of dogs urinating, defecating, or both inside the house. The first step…

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    3 Questions For Your New Pet Sitter

    How do you know your pet sitter or dog walker is qualified? Ask these three questions: If they are a member of either of the two major pet-sitting associations (Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters). Membership in these organizations requires that the person be bonded and insured to protect you, the pet owner, against damages, theft and anything that may happen to your animal while in their care. References, specifically, references that you are allowed to contact. You are putting your best friend in their care, it’s worth the phone call! A little about their experience; e.g. have they handled emergency vet visits before? How…

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    Hamster’s Teeth

    The incredible ever growing teeth of a hamster Hamsters’ teeth continuously grow since hamsters are rodents and rodents’ teeth continuously grow. Also, hamsters are one of the few species of animal that is born with teeth. This may be fascinating but it can also be a problem. Some hamsters may start gnawing on the cage bars and a remedy to this situation is giving the hamster dog biscuits. Dog biscuits are very ideal for hamsters to gnaw on. These will not hurt the hamster’s teeth. It is very important that a hamster has something to gnaw on. If a hamster does not gnaw, the teeth would puncture the jaw. What…

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    The Secret to Finding a Good Dwarf Hamster Breeder

    If you are interested in adopting a Dwarf Hamster, it is a good idea to search for an established Dwarf Hamster breeder. A good breeder can sell you a better quality Dwarf Hamster than you can find from your friend up the street who bred them by mistake for instance. When you look for a breeder you may find many listed in your local area, but try and get a recommendation, and do a background check and ask for references to make sure they are a bona fide breeder with a good track record. Ideally, you want a full time Dwarf Hamster breeder rather than someone who is just doing…

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    Keep Pets Safe From Household Dangers

    Most responsible pet owners are aware that we must keep our cats and dogs from certain dangers in our home. We know that we need to keep them from chewing on electrical cords, from drinking toilet water that contains self-cleaning chemicals, to keep them away from antifreeze and other chemical products, and out from under the recliner. But our homes also present many other dangers to our feline and canine companions that we need to consider and take steps to prevent accidental poisoning or injury, possibly even death. Paper Shredders Most paper shredders have an on/off switch and automatic-feed buttons. The motors may become warm with use and cats are…

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    Don’t Buy Another Pug Puppy From Anywhere Until You Read This

    IMPORTANT NEWS TO PUG LOVERS… If you are looking for sure-fire ways to owning a healthy and illness-free pug, then this may be the most important message you’ve ever read… You could try any preventative measures or feed your pug with the best available home-cooked food, but if genetically your pug is “unfit” or “unhealthy”, then there isn’t much that you could do to improve its health condition. Most likely you would have bought your pug from certain unscrupulous breeders, who had neither knowledge nor any concerns on breeding healthy pug puppies for sale. To avoid getting yourself into this situation, there are four different ways you could source for…

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    History of Ferrets

    While your furry little love bug scurries around at your feet, you may only think of him as the wonderful, playful companion that he is. But there is a long history with ferrets that is quite interesting to look into – that is, if you can stop playing with your pet long enough to read this article. Although there were references to an animal resembling a ferret as far back as 450 BC, whether or not those animals really were ferrets is unclear because the references did not include a detailed description of the animal. It wasn’t until sometime between 63 BC and 24 AD that more references of the…

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    Why Use an Online Pet Store?

    Everybody that owns a pet needs to buy pet supplies, but going to the pet store can be a hassle. Visiting an online pet store is a great option for those who can’t make it to the pet store for various reasons. Some people live too far away from a pet store for it to be convenient to make regular trips. A visit to the pet store could be difficult for some elderly or physically challenged people. On top of these, people who lead very busy lives may just find pet store trips to be a hassle with everything else that they have to do. For anyone who would like…

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    How to Take Care of Pet Rabbits – 5 Essentials Things They Need From You

    Rabbits are absolutely lovely pets. If you just acquired your first one or thinking about getting one, you are probably wondering how to take care of pet rabbits. There a 5 essentials things they need from you to stay healthy and happy. Here they are in brief. * Rabbits needs a cage: A good cage for let say a dwarf rabbit of about 3 to 4 pounds should be 2 by 3 foots. The rabbit needs enough room to have is litter box in one corner, food in the other and space in the middle to stretch out is body completely. They also love to have a blanket or towel…

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    G-Force Movie – True and False

    In response to the new 3D movie put out by Disney, allow me to give you a few true and false about the movie and real guinea pigs. A Guinea Pig Can walk on its hind legs – False, A piggy only walks on all fours. The walking on two legs in G-Force was only Disney’s way of personifying the pigs. People cook and eat Guinea Pigs – True, unfortunately in Peru piggies are considered a yummy treat. Though who would want to eat such a cute little thing is beyond me. Guinea Pigs can learn Martial Arts – Utterly false. Piggies don’t have the muscles required to do such…

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