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    Dealing With a Babysitter Your Children Dislike

    Somewhere along the way, you might encounter a seemingly perfect babysitter. She is always punctual, well-trained with a lot of experience, and she seems to agree with you in terms of values, rules and discipline. She goes the extra mile and does things you wouldn’t expect her to do, but are glad she thought of. She helps your kids with their schoolwork and manages to keep the house spic and span during her visit. She gives you a full report of her visit afterward. There is one hitch, however- your kids just don’t seem to like her. It may be a normal response to separation. Sometimes, when children are not…

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    Save Precious Memories From Decay – Go Digital

    You are in the patio, sitting and reminded of your children. All of them have separate, independent lives now. Yeah, you are happy for them but you can’t help missing your children. You always think about them like they were still those little, cute kids that always made your day. Nostalgic, you wanted to do some reminiscing. You decided to get the photos and videos you carefully kept in case you wanted to remind yourself of the good old days. And then, poof! You remember, all of them got destroyed when you moved into your new house. Ce’st la vie? Of course not! Memories may mostly make up what is…

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    The Education Triangle

    The biggest problem in education nowadays is that people don’t see what it is really about. Education is a TRIANGLE. Education works only when all sides of the triangle are in contact. If you separate one side of the triangle from another, you end up with a bunch of lines that resemble NOTHING. It is exactly the same in education. Parents have to communicate with schools that have to communicate with students who have to communicate back to their parents who have to communicate to their kids who have to communicate to the teachers who have to communicate to the parents who have to communicate… Do I need to carry…

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    Five Ways to Improve Your Sibling Relationships

    Many people wish they were closer with their brothers and sisters, especially as their own children grow up and leave home, or as they find themselves responsible for the care of their parents. The reasons for distance between siblings often go back to childhood, when a series of fights, or unresolved unfairness, came between kids. Those old stories do not have to be re-enacted for life. Here are five things you can do to make your sibling relationships easier. You may never be best friends, but very little in this life is perfect. 1. Tear up the old family script. In most families, each of the brothers and sisters takes…

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    November – Family Reunion Planning Month

    Over and over again history has proven three vital factors relating to our survival. The first is we need family and second is we need to earn a living to care for them. The third is most challenging. Learning how to find a balance between to the two. All too often the demands of secular employment leave immediate and extended family members feeling neglected and soon too much time is missed as they quickly grow up and established homes of their own. For this reason many have chosen to establish traditions and standard, assuring that family keeps pace with all the special events in each member’s life even if it…

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    I Am Man, Hear Me Whine

    Back in the early ’70s, Helen Reddy had a hit song called, “I Am Woman”, in which she starts out, “I am woman, hear me roar”, which I thought was hokey, and all. I still do. But now that I am older, I realize that she was right. Women do all the roaring, while us guys do all the whining. I should know. I am a man. Why do men whine? I don’t know, but I believe it has something to do with the male DNA. I remember when I was nine, and my mom wouldn’t let me go over to Doug’s house because his parent’s both worked, and we…

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    Dreading Family Gatherings?

    Do you dread family gatherings? If you have a meddling mother-in-law that is constantly critical or a father-in-law that drinks too much and is bigoted, you are most probably anxious at family functions. Learn the best way to deal with these problems before, during and after dinner. 1. Potential problems need to be addressed and discussed BEFORE everyone shows up. If you are dreading a family gathering it is because you are feeling things that need to be addressed and you are avoiding them. Focusing on negative feelings actually brings those things to you. What we focus on grows!BEFORE anyone shows up, you need to be clear and not confused.…

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    Housing Associations and Affordable Housing

    Housing associations have come a long way from previous days when there were only a few of them and properties available for people looking for affordable housing, with long waiting lists that took years for people to even get a look-in to a property. Today, housing associations have considerable supplies of homes and property presence thanks to planning laws that enforce developers to make a percentage of their properties available for affordable housing, and these are owned and managed by a variety of housing associations. These can either be sold to first time buyers or rented out to tenants by the associations. With the boom in the property market over…

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    Don’t Let Alcohol Get You

    Today, a person who drinks liquor or any alcoholic beverages does not concentrate on men alone. If before, women discreetly drink alcoholic beverages it is very much different now. Most women nowadays can catch up to men when it comes to the level of alcohol they can take. It is an ordinary scene for most bars and other hang out places to see men and women having their whiskey shots. The liquor is placed in a disposable cup and is passing on to each and every one in the group. Have you wonder why most bars preferred using plastic cups rather than fragile shot glasses? The reasons why majority of…

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    Joining a Private Membership Club – A How to Guide

    If you’ve been thinking of joining a city or country club you will find that many of them are founded around similar interests of their members such as professions or hobbies. In order to join one needs only to take the time and trouble to apply. Private clubs, on the other hand are started primarily for social reasons and will therefore have a certain air of exclusivity. A common interest alone is not enough to grant you entry into a private club. A new member must first be accepted into the club by all of the other members. In general, two members are required for sponsorship of a new member’s…

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