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    DIY Wedding Favors Are the Way to Go

    A wedding is one of the most important days in anyone’s life, and it is probably the most expensive one as well. If you want to save money though, you can do so with smart ideas like DIY wedding favors. The reason that it is such a good idea to make the favors yourself is because the personalization will be so much more meaningful to guests. They will see that you have made the favors and will be far more likely to keep and remember the favor. So don’t be fooled into thinking you have to buy something fancy. Some of the best favors for weddings are the ones that…

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    The Basics of Organic Diets – What You Need to Know

    We all live in a world of chemicals and genetic engineering. We have learned to accept the fact that in order to prevent pests from ravaging our fields, pesticides have to be sprayed on a regular basis. To ensure that we get the best, juiciest and largest produce, fertilizers have to be used as well. Because of the demand for meat and the shortage of grass and free ranging space, cows in big farms have to be fed artificial feeds and given antibiotics when they get sick. All these contemporary practices have long been accepted. However, as advances in technology and engineering grew, we have also come to realize that…

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    Protein Powder – Egg White Protein Powder

    If you’ve followed any diet, or tried to lose weight and build muscle at the same time, then you are familiar with egg whites and egg white protein powder. But you probably do not know why egg whites are so special and used so often by bodybuilders. Egg White is composed of 40 different types of proteins and is almost pure protein. Hence its popularity as egg white protein powder. The egg white is known as the albumen, which comes from albus, the Latin word for white. The egg white is low in carbs, calories, and fat and contains almost all of the protein available in the egg. Now you…

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    Story of Dumplings

    Dumpling is a typical symbol of Chinese food and now it has won worldwide popularity. As one of the most traditional Chinese foods, now dumpling is still served as main food for the people who live in North China. Making dumplings on New Year’s Eve has always been the most important activity for spring festival. Why Chinese people make dumplings during spring festival? In this article, I would like to tell you the reason and the story of Chinese dumpling. In English “Dumpling” is also called Chinese meat ravioli or substantial stuffed dumpling, but in Chinese pinyin, it is called Jiaozi. In fact, its primitive name is “Jiaoer”. Jiaoer was…

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    I Love to Eat

    Let’s face it…eating is fun! Well at least it is for me. I don’t know, I’ve always had this relationship with food…I just don’t understand these people who “eat to live”. What’s that all about? I just don’t understand these people. But I must admit that I don’t always eat what is considered to be healthy. I love greasy deep fried gooey stuff that can be found at, say, any respectable carnival. Carnival food…now that’s the ticket! When we visit Knott’s Berry Farm here in southern California, I eagerly look for the nearest eatery that serves “funnel cakes”. Funnel cakes are outstanding…they take what appears to be pancake batter, and…

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    The Beautiful World of Wonderful Sushi

    Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Japanese usually enjoy having sushi on special occasions like Hanami, Hina Matsuri, etc. It has a very interesting history. It had its origin in China and became popular in Japan. In the past, any fish caught had to be preserved and the only method possible was by fermentation.Fish caught was cleaned, filleted and pressed between layers of salt weighted down with a stone until it is fermented. Over the time, this process was developed to rolling the fish soaked in vinegar in rice. The fermentation took place in a matter of days rather than months. During the Edo period, sushi…

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    Juicer Tips on the Best Fruit to Juice

    Vegetable or fruit juicing is the key to a healthy life. It’s the best way to absorb all the essential nutrients needed by one’s body. Consuming fruit juices will give you a radiant, energetic life and optimum health too. Processing foods and exposing them to heat can destroy micronutrients that the fruit contains. By altering shape and chemical composition these vital nutrients will be put to waste. Juicing is an advanced way of consuming organic foods and getting the best out of it. Fruits with high amount of citric acid should be consumed in moderation. There are various factors that will determine how much citric acid our body can manage…

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    Raw Food Lifestyle

    For quite awhile I have had an interest in the raw food lifestyle. Physical health, environmental and spiritual enlightenment are a few reasons people choose to follow the path to being raw. Perhaps it is a picture of living in harmony with nature and the possibilities of simplicity that attract me. According to the raw food information once food is heated over a certain temperature the enzymes within those foods are destroyed. Since our bodies only create so many enzymes and they help us in so many ways this is important to our wellness. Choosing organic raw foods whenever possible with a focus on local produce and wild foods create…

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    Sour Cherries For the Winter

    Sometimes, we feel like eating the craziest things when we can’t find them anymore. In fact, they don’t have to be crazy things, they can be ordinary things, but if their season has passed, they are very hard to find or they cost a lot. For this kind of people, cans for the winter are recommended. This is probably the best solution for those people who want to decorate their cakes with sour cherries, strawberries and so on during the winter, when these fruits are far gone. Here are the things you should take into consideration if you pan on putting some cans for the winter, cans with sour cherries…

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    How to Sharpen Knife Skills in the Kitchen

    As a young boy, I was real impressed by the knife handling skills of the Benihana chefs and knife throwers that tossed those blades around so skillfully. Those guys never faltered and had all their fingers. Nowadays the need to improve “knife techniques” is highlighted in the published results of Bon Appetit’s 10th Annual Readers’ Survey. I read the results and wondered what it meant. The first thing I thought about was that people wanted to use a knife in the same way they see it done on TV. But what knife techniques do people really need to understand? Are there special things that cooks do with knives I haven’t…

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