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    Project Management and Spreadsheets – Avoiding a 50% Error Rate

    Project management involves planning, estimating and executing tasks. In many industries, the process has forever been managed by a combination of spreadsheets packed with complicated formulas and buried data. However, the future of project management has recently begun to turn over a new leaf with technology in Project Cost Management software. The key component of any project is data, including cost, time, and productivity. What happens to profits when data values used to plan and measure projects are faulty and inaccurate? What is the root cause and source of these inaccuracies? Spreadsheets have historically been the top resource for managing the numbers within a project, but recent studies have questioned…

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    Open Source Software and Its Benefits in Enterprises

    The benefits of open source are being understood more and more in the enterprise. There is rarely an organization or an enterprise that does not use open source products and technologies today. Today the era of open source for mission critical systems is making significant headway. Some of the key drivers for adoption of OSS solution include cost savings, increased agility through shorter development time and faster time-to-market. In this article, we will be discussing various advantages that it brings to the enterprise. While cost savings represent the most easily measured benefit of using OSS, there are other benefits. Among large organizations, it has been seen that open source software…

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    How to Turn Off the Passcode Screen in IOS 7

    When you upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7, you were asked to enter a passcode during the setup process. Then, when the setup was complete, you find your device now requires this code to be entered every time you use it. If you prefer not to be forced to enter the code, it can easily be removed. Having a passcode on your device does provide some added security that will keep someone from using your device without your permission. Additionally, if your device is lost or stolen, someone can not access the Settings on your device to disable the Find My iPhone features that allow you to locate…

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    HP Omni 200-5250 Review – A Must Have Clutterless PC!

    Don’t you just hate all the hassles of having a PC with all those dang wires infiltrating your workspace. Or not knowing where to put that bulky CPU unit that can’t fit in the corner. Or even trying to fit that monitor somewhere on your desk that already has enough stuff as it is. I know most of us do. Well, that where HP solves this major bottleneck for those who just need an all-in-one PC with a lot of performance for a reasonable price. That is why you are reading this HP Omni 200-5250 review. The HP Omni 200-5250 will make your life a lot less stressful with it’s…

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    Technology Help Desk Problems

    Working on a technology help desk is equal parts technical ability and equal parts customer service. The individuals that master both are going to be the top performers, every time. The main reason is when people have a technology problem they tend to get a little more freaked out than other types of issues. In addition, this is one of the few problems that will make some call a help line for answers. For example, when someone’s car breaks down they usually have some indication as to the problem. If they have a flat tire, they know the issue and know exactly what it takes to solve the problem. Whether…

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    The New Tendency of the Video Monitor

    The network drives the standardization of video monitor; meanwhile, the standardization will promote the popularization of the device. Breakthrough progress of the standardization will be made in the future two to three years. The compatibility between the different chains like the front end, memory and platform will bring the network monitor quick development and broad market. No standard is existed to rule the related matters at the present time, but some related regulations had been made by some industries and operators. Two of these regulations had made significant progress. The intelligence has been advocated for many years. Although it has been applied in some industries, the market is still not…

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    ERP for To-Order Manufacturers – 1st Year ROI Just Increased!

    Visibility Corporation, a Microsoft certified partner, is pleased to offer a leasing program through Microsoft, which dramatically reduces first year expenses. In a bold move, Visibility has taken Microsoft’s lead and packaged its To-Order focused ERP software plus implementation services and associated client operating environment with Microsoft’s Financing program. The program provides financial options that reduce first year costs to as little as $50/mo for everything. The objective is to turn the financial equation on its side and provide a way for Companies to purchase and implement their new system and not have a heavy financial burden at the same time. The financial burden is shifted to later years making…

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    Wireless Technology Comes to Your Body

    The same technology that has been used by the Navy for communication: sonar, could be used to treat heart failure, diabetes or other illnesses. University at Buffalo, a leading research center is working on the ability to use this technology for medical diagnosis and transmitting information. The advancement relies on sensors that use ultrasound. Ultrasound has been used by military submarines and in medical offices. Similar to how the navy subs communicate between each other, medical devices such as a pacemaker could communicate and transmit pertinent data by radio waves. Exploration in this area has been in development for over 10 years. However, the focus was on electromagnetic radio frequency…

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    Electronics Review – Understanding the New Model of TVs

    Electronics are always looking to new technologies to make their products better, and electronics are one of the biggest purchases consumers often make. Many of us may already own or we are looking to own one of the many new TV models available. Yet so few of us have any understanding of what exactly is a LCD, Plasma, or HDTV. Continue reading to get a better understanding of these three innovations in consumer electronics. Plasma TV’s are relatively new to the electronics market. They work by provide a luminous visual image on a screen by reflecting the light. They do this by enhancing the color spectrum of light. In a…

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    How To Replace Broken Parts With New Spares

    Here in the twenty-first century, we have all got caught up in owning some great electronic gadgets that seem to make our lives go with a swing. If it is not MP3s playing us music, it is our beloved mobiles which keep us up to date with the latest music etc. However, sometimes these machines go wrong and this is when we need spare parts to put them right. iPhone parts and MacBook parts are freely available online and by doing this; we can save an inordinate amount of money for sure. Whenever any of these gadgets went wrong in the past, the temptation to just throw them in the…

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