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    Watch Satellite TV On PC – Transform Your PC And Watch Satellite TV

    Satellite TV has been around for some time, but to watch satellite TV on PC is something new. You may think that only the tech savvy younger generation who knows the in and out of TV technology, and the worldwide web are the only ones who are fiddling with PC satellite TV. While this is true in the past, nowadays, more families, even the older folks like our computer illiterate grannies and granddaddies are picking up computer skills. And the fact that it is easy to transform our PC into a nice satellite television set, more are using the satellite TV software to watch satellite TV on PC. Why watch…

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    How To Choose An Inflatable Obstacle Course

    An inflatable obstacle course is a colorful entertainment center that is enjoyed by people of all ages. These fun play areas are often used to provide hours of outdoor entertainment for children. They are also a popular fixture at corporate events and other types of celebrations where adults have fun overcoming the soft obstacles during friendly and sometimes silly competitions. Several options are available when considering an inflatable obstacle course. Each available option should be carefully examined to ensure that the play set is appropriate for everyone at the event. Open Areas An inflatable obstacle course that will be used by young children should be examined to ensure that there…

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    How To Create A Cartoon Design Of Your Own

    Have you ever wanted to create a cartoon design of your own? I’m a fabric artist so I frequently come up with my own designs with no particular source of inspiration. First, let’s clarify the word cartoon. I’m not referring to drawing cartoon characters although the word is the same word. My use of the word cartoon is more in the sense of a pattern drawn on a large piece of paper (usually 18″ x 24″). There are many ways to practice turning on the creative juices. It always starts with a blank piece of paper. Now instead of deciding to draw anything in particular, I just pick up a…

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    Generating a Laugh in Edinburgh

    Every year in August, Edinburgh becomes a world stage, the centre of everyone’s attention. It becomes home to one of the year’s cultural highlights – Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Thousands of artists and visitors descend on the beautiful Scottish capital to experience some of the best and worst shows of their lives. Hotels and hostels get booked out far in advance, and ‘festival lets’ see flats rented out at extortionate prices. Predominantly a comedy festival, Edinburgh is where many stand up comedians make or break their careers. Here, the reviews really matter. Most locals have praise only for the paid shows, but you can get lucky with free shows as well.…

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    Memorial To Peter Camile Sureau

    Due to family circumstances, my father was not present the first two years of my life. We got to know each other for a very short while in 1954, during my 2nd year. During that brief time, I had contact with some of the paternal side of my family. I’m glad they had that small part of my youth to hold me in their hearts. We were separated again until 1969, when Dad met me as a seventeen year-old runaway who searched out her father. I re-met my paternal grandmother, Laura Sureau, spoke to my aunt Amy Sureau Ricahci and later to my favorite uncle I met in my 2nd…

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    How to Sell Your Antiques and Collectibles

    Antiques and collectibles can be sold through many ways. However, if you want to sell to a person who is passionate about collecting antiques and memorabilia and also you want to sell it for a good price then you should spend some time doing a little research. Here is a list of the ways you can sell your antiques and collectibles. How and Where to Sell Antiques and Collectibles Learn about the items you want to sell – Once you have identified the antiques and collectibles that you want to sell, you should learn about their history which includes the age and origin of the item. You should give yourself…

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    David Blaine Bringing People Together

    David Blaine is one of a kind. He is a mysterious man that putshis mind and body through extreme conditions. His latest stuntthat was televised live on national TV, called “Drowned Alive”,drew thousands of people together to witness his attempt to holdhis breath under water for 9 minutes. David Blaine had become famous initially for his natural abilityto shock people with his slight of hand card tricks, and alsohis mind blowing magic tricks that would send people screamingdown the streets not wanting to believe what they just hadwitnessed. But now, Blaine has been becoming more of a man thatwill test the limits of his body. There is no smoke andmirrors.…

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    How to Download Free Public Domain Audiobooks

    There are a number of websites which maintain databases of freely downloadable audiobooks. The audiobooks that are available as free downloads are often classic titles that have entered into the public domain and are no longer under copyright law. Here are a number of websites which offer free public domain audiobooks: AudiobooksForFree.com – AudiobooksForFree.com contains a large database of free audiobooks. This service does a superb job of organizing audiobook titles into categories and offers newer royalty-free audiobooks in addition to those in the public domain. Unfortunately, this website has not been updated since 2008. FreeClassicAudiobooks.com – FreeClassicAudiobooks.com offers classic audiobooks in MP3 and M4B format. The service contains a…

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    Elmo History and Facts

    Elmo has been a fun character on Sesame Street for many years with his friends, the cookie monster, Big Bird, the Grouch, and even Bert and Ernie. A red furry Muppet he is probably about the age of a child in preschool. Elmo’s got googly eyes and a vibrant orange nose. Elmo has grown in popularity since he was first introduced on Sesame Street and now hosts the last segment on the children’s show called Elmo’s World. You may remember the famous Tickle Me Elmo doll that came out a few years ago. It was the hottest toy of the Christmas season at the time and flew on the shelves…

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    The Power of Shungite

    Do you know anything about shungite? Have you ever heard of it? Until recently I hadn’t! It is a carbon mineral that can only be obtained in Russia from Karelia, in a small settlement called Shunga, which is a town near Lake Onega where scientists believe an asteroid landed over 2 billion years ago. Some scientists believe shungite is derived from this asteroid. But it gets even more amazing! The asteroid formed a lake bed where many people bathed and healed in these waters. Russian Czar Peter was in ruler-ship in the 1800’s when he noticed the health healing benefits of the waters of Lake Onega. Once he made the…

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