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    How To Make Balloon Animals – Some Background Information

    The making of balloon animals and other shapes has been around for many decades. The art is called ‘balloon twisting’ and is fairly self explanatory. The artist twists the balloons into many wonderful and different shapes, many of them animals. The balloons used are usually latex and the most popular is the 260 – so called because it inflates to 2 inches by 60 inches and is a good size for many shapes. Most balloon twisters start of learning how to make one balloon shapes and need to spend many hours practicing the various skills such as tying the balloon one-handed, making balloons within balloons and holding the twists while…

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    Lisa Kelly Biography

    Lisa Kelly was born to sing, there was never any doubt she would do anything else. An “Irish Coleen” born in Dublin her whole family are musical. Her parents and sisters are both singers and her parents are heavily involved in amateur theatre which influenced their daughter to lean towards drama. She also trained in classical piano and singing. At the age of 7-years-old she starred in the musical version of “Bugsy Malone” and she has played some of the most iconic roles in musicals since. These include Velma Kelly in “Chicago” Florence in “Chess” Laurie in “Oklahoma” and Sandy in “Grease” but, there is still one role that evades…

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    Social Clubs – Then and Now

    THEN It was in Great Britain that the first social club in the world was born. The first of this type of organization started merely as an informal gathering of friends, acquaintances or people with similar interests in a designated location, usually a pub or a coffee house. English scribe John Aubrey calls it a “socality in a tavern”. In these English clubs, the members talked, mingled, ate, and, of course, drank for hours on end. Generally, the purpose of a social club is to give its members a relaxing venue where they can be entertained, interact, drink and talk. It was to be a place where they can escape…

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    Enjoy the Feel of the Islands with a Hawaiian Luau

    Not many people would scoff at the idea of attending a Hawaiian Luau. The feel of the islands, with the palm trees swaying in the wind, cool breezes brushing across tanned bodies soaking up the sun by the pool are just the ultimate in pleasure. The feel of the islands, the smell of the islands, and the taste of the islands are all within the confines of your own backyard. Where do you begin? If you have a pool, you can decorate around the pool so that it looks like a tropical island paradise. Add the essence of tropical fruits, drinks, and other food delicacies, and you’ll feel like you…

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    Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff Gets a Name, Sort of

    After the bit-by-bit disclosure of the cast of the upcoming spin off of Grey’s Anatomy, a title finally surfaces for the much talked about series…at least for now. The show, which features the lead character Dr. Addision Montgomery, played by actress Kate Walsh, will be momentarily called “Private Practice.” Grey’s Anatomy, an Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning drama series, features the world of medical drama through the eyes of Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo. The show also includes Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, Patrick Dempsey, Isaiah Washington and, of course, Kate Walsh. A month ago, the buzz about a Grey’s Anatomy spin off surfaced various media…

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    The Five Things You Need to Become a Portrait Artist and Why Perfectionists Are Doomed to Failure

    The five things that you do need to be able to draw a portrait What most people think that you need to be a good portrait artist is to be born with a gift, or have the privilege of attending an art college for several years or maybe being blessed with a photographic memory and an almost magical ability to transfer that image to paper. Yes of course anyone of those things would do the job nicely but none of those requisites are actually necessary to become an excellent pencil portrait artist. The good news is you do not have to be born an artist but you can easily learn…

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    Dating Personals

    Can singles make a love connection on dating personals? Yes! Dating personals, it seems, are ideal for single people seeking dates, a romance, and in extreme cases, sexual partners. Additionally, people who are weary of the local dating scene, are suddenly single, or are caught up in a hectic professional life, are usually the ones who browse through the dating personals as an alternative to meeting people at bars, clubs, through friends, etc. Dating personals in magazines or newspapers or on the Internet allow them to place a personal advertisement that has the potential to generate interest from a variety of people who have something in common with them. A…

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    My Top 3 X-men Girls and Women

    There are so many X-men girls or women who are simply fantastic. Each and every one of them has their own unique mutant power, personality, etc. And so it is a tough call to make! How am I going to rank who is the best or the worst? But before I evaluate them, I need a list of X-girls and X-women (villains or superheroes). So here are some of the names that came into mind immediately – If she is not in the list below, please don’t kill me! Storm Rogue Shadowcat Jean Grey Jubilee Mystique Polaris Emma Frost Dazzler Psylocke Sage Scarlet Witch So now that I have a…

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    How to Use a Jewelry Loupe

    Finding Your Dominant Eye One eye is your dominant eye. Usually, if you are right-handed, your right eye is dominant and if you are left-handed, your left eye is dominant. But there is a quick test. Point to an object across the room with both eyes open. Close your left eye. Does your finger appear to jump to one side? If the answer is yes, then your left eye is dominant. Try the same test with your right eye closed. If your finger appears to jump to one side, your right eye is dominant. Learning to Hold the Loupe at the Proper Distance You will hold the loupe to your…

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    Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”

    I have heard different opinions of this movie. Some people condemn “A Clockwork Orange” to be an overly-violent, brutally sexual, and altogether pointless movie. Others praise the movie as a very important film in cinema and directing projects, and this is evident in the list of awards and recognitions it received. Personally, I agree with those who see the powerful meaning behind the elements of the movie that just seem offensive on the surface. If you watch the movie closely, you can see that there is more to the story line than a disturbing young man caught in a confusing web of society. Director Stanley Kubrick used the camera and…

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