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Sour Cherries For the Winter

Sometimes, we feel like eating the craziest things when we can’t find them anymore. In fact, they don’t have to be crazy things, they can be ordinary things, but if their season has passed, they are very hard to find or they cost a lot. For this kind of people, cans for the winter are recommended. This is probably the best solution for those people who want to decorate their cakes with sour cherries, strawberries and so on during the winter, when these fruits are far gone.

Here are the things you should take into consideration if you pan on putting some cans for the winter, cans with sour cherries to be more precise. Of course, sour cherries are not the only fruit which can be preserved in cans for the winter. You can also have ordinary cherries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries and many more and they are all very easy to prepare.

For sour cherries, you need half a kilo of sugar, some salt and, of course, the sour cherries, which should be about a kilogram. When you have all these, you need to wash the sour cherries, get the seeds out and leave them until the syrup drains away. After that, you put the fruit in a pot and let them boil, after which you put the sugar in the pot and mix everything. When the mixture has boiled again, you split it into jars and add the salt which preserves the fruit for the winter. Finally, you just let them cool and then, you can serve them for dessert whenever you like.

This is probably one of the simplest ways to satisfy your whims during the winter, if you have no other possibilities, so it is really an activity worth your while.