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Solo Female Travel Myths Crushed

Travelling abroad as a female on your own is almost classed as a taboo in this day and age. When you meet female travellers abroad peoples first reaction is of shock when they realise they are travelling alone, yet when the conversation progresses people come to realise that the female traveller hasn’t encountered any problems and has had a relatively easy ride, so to speak. In this 24 hour media bubble we all live in, the majority of reports coming from abroad usually have something to do with war, famine or corruption, making us think we are not safe outside of our own countries borders, when in fact it’s more dangerous to live in the UK or USA than it is in most other parts of the world. The aim of this article is to shed some light on myths that have been floating around for years regarding solo female travellers.

Rape, and the fear of being attacked is what comes to the forefront of people’s minds first when they hear about a female travelling solo out in Asia or Africa. Statistics prove that it’s more likely to be attacked or raped by somebody at home who you know or are associated with, and that attacks abroad on women are very few and far between. It goes to show that if you’re careful and you take the same precautions you would at home regarding your possessions and your own personal security there is no reason why you won’t be as safe as any other traveller abroad. Walking down dark alleyways and with strange people are obvious no no’s, but there is nothing to complex about it.

Local men forcing themselves on foreign women is also a hot topic of conversation which can easily be eradicated with a few simple common sense rules. If you are in India or Africa, respect the local culture and cover up. Many of these areas are predominantly Muslim and it’s frowned upon to show too much skin outside, so if you are following the local way of life you will be absolutely fine and attract no unnecessary attention at all. Never enter a bar or a local pub on your own but always in a group, and just remember that not every man who approaches you is going to be a potential problem.

Mugging and robbery is the main concern for not only female travellers but all travellers. There are various ways to avoid this problem occurring by only taking out what possessions you need that day with you, not wearing any jewellery and not putting yourself in dangerous positions. There is very little you must do when you’re away that you don’t already do at home to avoid getting mugged.

If you are a female and looking to travel alone, ad head to the advice above and don’t worry about what ‘might happen’, as if everyone took this attitude then nobody would ever do anything. A trip like this only comes around once in a lifetime so don’t waste the opportunity because you are scared that something might happen to you.