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Save Money – Make Your Own Foosball Tables

If you are a foosball fan, you may be looking for ideas on how to build foosball tables. Although there are a variety of these tables for sale in the stores and online, you can make your own considerably cheaper.

To get started, look at the different kinds of tables that are available, and if possible, play a couple of games on them. Make a note of the things that you like best about each table. For example, you may prefer a textured surface, thick side walls or a center ball return on both sides of the foosball table.

You will definitely want the table to be solid and sturdy enough that it won’t move when the game gets exciting, and the players are playing for all they are worth. Sheets of 3/4″ birch plywood work the best. Even with that, there are some areas that you will want to use double that thickness. Besides the plywood, you will need clear spray adhesive, nuts and bolts, wood screws, glue, four adjustable table feet, some veneer strips and a sheet of Plexiglas for the play surface.

You will need between 11 and 14 foosmen for each side of the table. Each side should be a different color. It is easiest to order the foosmen, rods, bearings, handles and play field strips online. You can expect to pay up to $300 for these parts. Check around and see if you can find an old foosball table that you can salvage these things off of. It will save you a good bit of money.

If you know how to work with wood, you won’t have any problem figuring out the construction of these tables. The most difficult parts to figure out are the play field and the ball return. Look online to get the exact measurements of each part of the table. These tables are made in two parts with one part sitting on top of the other and both of them being hooked together on one side with hinges. This is so the top half of the table can be raised up to access the ball return when necessary. Tables that have a ball return on both sides, have an “L”shaped ramp that allows the ball to drop down the hole for the goal and roll to its respective return.

When you get ready to build the playing field, you will want to use 3/4 inch particle board. Glue a paper playing field on top of it. You can draw your own or copy a design off the Internet. Place a piece of clear Plexiglas over the field to protect it. You can leave the surface smooth, or if you prefer a textured surface, you can roughen up the surface of the Plexiglas with a piece of sandpaper. Making the playing surface yourself will cost you approximately $30 which is considerably lower than purchasing one for $250. However, you might want to check online for more cost effective options that won’t require so much work, too.

This is the basic information about building foosball tables. You can draw up your own plans or copy them off of the Internet. An Internet search will also yield all of the specifics you need to know before you get started on your foosball creation.