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Raw Food Lifestyle

For quite awhile I have had an interest in the raw food lifestyle. Physical health, environmental and spiritual enlightenment are a few reasons people choose to follow the path to being raw. Perhaps it is a picture of living in harmony with nature and the possibilities of simplicity that attract me.

According to the raw food information once food is heated over a certain temperature the enzymes within those foods are destroyed. Since our bodies only create so many enzymes and they help us in so many ways this is important to our wellness. Choosing organic raw foods whenever possible with a focus on local produce and wild foods create a sustainable environment. If you are interested in the spiritual aspects of raw foodism there is the belief that each food carries its own vibration which can facilitate the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Some raw foodists include raw dairy products while others live simply on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. There are many variations to the raw lifestyle. The creative side of raw foodism is absolutely amazing.

There are many delicious dishes that can be prepared with raw food that there is no need to compromise on taste or variety. Raw food cookbooks abound on the internet, so keeping you and your family happy and healthy with lots of healthy whole food choices.

There are many raw food “gurus” out there and I am certainly not saying this lifestyle is for everyone. You know your body better than anyone else, but even incorporating more raw food into our daily lives is something many of us can benefit from.