Writing and Speaking

Over Used Words

How many words do you utter in a day? Of course we don’t count them. But have you noticed what words you usually use or say? Every day we throw too many words when we talk to someone or to ourselves. We keep on repeating the same words as we keep on repeating the same stories we tell from one friend to another. That’s why we sometimes opted to gather them all and tell them the whole story as not to repeat the same one.

I have three words which I often overuse. These are okay, thanks, and sorry. Every day when I wake up in the morning, I would always say my prayer and it starts with a thank you. I thank God for another day He gave me and would also say sorry for my weaknesses. When I start my work routines, I thank people even for smaller favors they have done for me. I learn to thank every little thing people do because I want to win the gift of smile. Every person who smiles tells you that there is a caring person inside, so I always express my appreciation and gratitude to the people who has in one way or another helped, guided or shared whatever they have and I get a smile in return. I think I overused that word because some of the people I thank with don’t even know what they have done to deserve my gratitude. They might not have understood it but I owed them something that only I know.

The next word is okay, but almost all people would agree with me that we always overuse this word. Do we have any substitute to okay? Maybe yes, but yes is so formal. We use okay in our everyday conversations. When we talk to the people at home, along the streets, inside the mall and in the office, we always like saying okay. This is okay than just nodding our head which means the same thing.

I may not say the word sorry every day but a friend of mine noticed me overusing it. She said that I don’t need to apologize when there is nothing to feel sorry about. She asked me whether I was afraid of something because it could be a sign of weakness or issues with self-confidence and self-belief. But, it isn’t. We are all different and unique and although in my own way, I may have overused the word sorry, but I guess I have nothing to lose if I say it when I feel I need to like when I’m late for an appointment, when I have inconvenienced another person, and when I am angry and shouldn’t. I may not be aware of it but I mean what I say and I always I consider everything before I say it. I believe that my words might have a negative effect on other people but I just say it to make sure I haven’t offended anybody. My friend might have her reasons for asking me to stop apologizing but too bad for her, I just can’t stop saying sorry and I rarely apologize for what I say. Learn more about Mastering the Law of Attraction by visiting http://www.thesecretoflifebydesign.com.