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Open Source Software and Its Benefits in Enterprises

The benefits of open source are being understood more and more in the enterprise. There is rarely an organization or an enterprise that does not use open source products and technologies today. Today the era of open source for mission critical systems is making significant headway. Some of the key drivers for adoption of OSS solution include cost savings, increased agility through shorter development time and faster time-to-market. In this article, we will be discussing various advantages that it brings to the enterprise. While cost savings represent the most easily measured benefit of using OSS, there are other benefits. Among large organizations, it has been seen that open source software reduces the time it takes to develop and implement new systems.

Interesting trends about OSS

After watching some interesting trends, we got to know that Telecommunications and government organizations were much more likely to cite major benefits from open source. Health care and financial institutions were less likely to report major benefits, although a sizable percentage reported major benefits from open source.

How can it benefit businesses?

Security: Open source enables anyone to examine software for security flaws. The continuous and broad peer-review enabled by publicly available source code improves security through the identification and elimination of defects that might otherwise be missed. Gartner for example, recommends the open source Apache Web server as a more secure alternative to closed source Internet Information servers. The availability of source code also facilitates in-depth security reviews and audits by government customers.

Fast Deployment: With OSS, you need not have to wait for years to deploy a solution. OSS can be installed in as many locations as you want, with no need to track or monitor it for license compliant.

Continuous scope of improvement

As everyone can access the code, anyone can take the initiative to fix bugs and make it better. This way, you need not have to wait for the next release to fix errors. The source code is tested and verified by thousands of developers and users who are able to identify and correct any bugs.


OSS is much more customizable than proprietary software. It can be changed to meet your requirements and expectations and therefore will be the most tailored and simply the better software solution for you, no matter how specialized your requirements are.

Reduced Vendor Lock-In

It allows businesses to escape ongoing license fees, a lack of portability and the inability to customize software to meet specific needs. If you need something special done, there is undoubtedly an expert developer out there keen for the work.

It is no surprise that OSS today has marked its place in almost every industry verticals. Whether it is commercial, engineering, manufacturing, education, healthcare or any other industry, we use OSS technology almost everywhere.