Marketing for Realtors: Here’s the Least Amount You Can Do


What’s the least amount of marketing I can do and still be a successful Realtor?

No More Marketing for Realtors

Dear Reluctant Realtor,

Ready for “Learning to Love Marketing 101”?

Sorry, I know that’s not funny. In all seriousness, though, if you love the real estate business and you love your clients, you can also love real estate agent marketing After all, what it all comes down to is talking to people you like about what you love doing.


OK, maybe not. Let’s simply discuss your question.

First we have to define “success,” which is not the same for everybody. Assuming that you love the real estate business, measuring your success by profits, number of houses sold, or revenue might be reasonable criteria for success.

My goal for you is to thrive financially, so you can enjoy those moments when you’re not a realtor, like days off and vacations. Furthermore, I want you to delegate to others those tasks that you consider chores, or do not excel at. What would it take to get you to this point?

Be specific: how will you know you’re successful?

After you’ve figured that out, these are the three elements of real estate marketing that you must attend to.

1. The main task of marketing is to let your target audience know that you’re there. Unfortunately, most home buyers don’t have psychic powers to tell them that you are available to help them.
This means, we have to give them this awareness ourselves. After that, they have to understand how they can benefit from our services.

These people who can benefit from working with us are our intended audience. The marketing geeks also say “target audience,” but I prefer not to shoot at my potential clients. Who do you want to serve?

It is important to be specific. The whole point is to narrow the audience down. Don’t think “women,” think “working moms.” Don’t think “married couples,” try, “young couples without children.”
This is one of the most important marketing tasks. Not identifying an intended audience is like mailing letters with no address on them.

2. Return to awareness: Now that you’ve defined your intended home buyers, how will you get in touch with them? What do they read? Where do they go? What ways might they hear about you?
Is your audience going to be at chamber of commerce meetings or PTA luncheons?

Getting in front of your intended audience is the second absolute must, whether in person or in print. You have no hope of success if you skip this step.

3. The last step for “the least possible marketing for Realtors” is defining what you want to tell your intended audience once you are in front of them. You must give them reasons to choose you as their Realtor.

So, my dear No More Marketing for Realtors, that is the least marketing you can do and still be successful.

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