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Marine Engineering

The branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacture and the methods of operations in ships and the machinery items that are used for ship travel is called Marine Engineering. This branch of engineering also deals with the building of ships as well as the maintenance of ships and also the other sailing vessels.

Usually the marine engineers supervise the crew which is involved in operating the machines. They will check whether all the electric motors are functioning very smoothly, the steam engines, the propulsive engines and all the other engines are functioning smoothly. They increase their efforts for improving the efficiencies of the turbines especially the gas turbines, the steam which is available in the ship.

A lot of new technologies are being developed in the field of marine engineering. Some of them are magneto hydrodynamics and fuel cells etc. You can get a great career in case if you work in these areas where a good research and development is going on. You can also get a lot of central and state government jobs.


Recently marine engineering is becoming more popular in many countries mainly India. A lot of students are getting increasingly attracted to this branch of engineering which is very advanced. The people who loves sailing in sea, get a great opportunity to take this branch of engineering as their career. The scope of people who take this engineering as their career is very high and they have career options on and off shore. A lot of employment opportunities are available in the areas of merchant navy, Indian navy and in many manufacturing industries who manufacture ship equipments and machinery.