Home Based Business

Make Extra Income Helping Other Moms

What can you possibly offer these moms? Quite simply your expertise is the product you can market to moms everywhere. There are many situations that you have encountered and overcome as a mom that other mothers are facing too. They could benefit from what you know to make their life a bit easier.

Consider turning your product into an eBook

Put your advice down on paper. You probably have a lot of good advice to offer but it won’t sound like much unless you can get it out of your brain and into a legible format. If you have a talent for writing this will be less of a challenge for you.

The format you will use to organize all your thoughts is an Ebook. Many have heard of them, but not many know what they are. An eBook is essentially a book in digital form. You can create and publish them yourself. For the work that you put into the project, you are greatly rewarded with pure profit.

Take these tips into consideration:

* Length of your eBook – a typical eBook can be as few as 70 pages or as many as 150 pages. People tend to pay more for longer Ebooks.

* Another great feature of Ebooks the simplicity of the delivery – once the eBook is purchased the customer can download and print or read online.

Selling your EBooks

The first things to consider is your market – other moms. If for instance you decide to write an eBook on surviving the terrible twos or tyrant threes, be sure to fill your eBook with information moms will want to know:

* Bedtime Tips

* Disciplinary tips

* Dealing with stress

* Going out in public

* Testimonials

* True life examples

All of these ideas can be used to flesh out your eBook. These same bullet points can be selling points for your eBook. When creating the eBook website page, use small portions from stories in the book, testimonials from others who have read the book and a partial list of chapters in the eBook as advertising on the page.

Condense your chapters into enticing articles that you submit to article directories. Don’t give away too much because you want moms to buy your eBooks. Supply a link to your website in the resource box.

EBooks can be used to share information that you have learned as a mom with other moms. They are easy to create and with a marketing strategy, can bring large profit to your business.

This was one example of ways you can make extra income helping other moms, a great way to share your experiences and make money.