Love and Relationship Advice

The question lingers from time immemorial. Why is love so painful and beautiful at the same time? Why do you feel so alive when you first meet someone that your soul feels in touch with? If this feeling is so real so tangible so undefined then why it is almost impossible to maintain it in a relationship from wedding day till death do us part?

The defining thing of love is knowledge. So you cannot by default love something you do not know. That is why meeting someone special for the first time cannot be love even at first sight but is infatuation. So if Jack meets Jill in an elevator and Jack invites her for dinner they can’t (maybe they can but should not) get married the same night.

Once you know something and you like it then you keep learning more and more about it and you do anything to get to know it better. That’s why relationships are so special and that’s the link they have with that great feeling. When you meet that special one, the only one under the sun then you have to know every little bit that makes them whole. This rarely happens but if you get to know them very well and heed their little quirks, then you will rarely argue or fight with them because you will know exactly where your special one is coming from- and where they want to go.

If you know and love something you practice a lot, basketball, guitar, singing, skiing, collecting rarities etc, it all becomes a habit, which you would do everyday of your life if other constraints do not rear their ugly heads.

The saying ‘Tough people outlast tough times’. Keeping the one you love happy means understanding yourself and your special one to an extent that what makes them happy also makes you happy because you are happy for them.

The most concrete relationship is marriage but here’s the catch. A marriage can only survive if the guy and girl give themselves completely to each other, no strings, no pre -nuptials or anything of that sort. In order to give yourself completely you must be a complete master of yourself because you can’t give what you don’t have.

If you haven’t loved and given all your secrets to someone then you haven’t lived. Argue all you want, but it’s true. Finding the right person is important and keeping the person happy everyday is of extreme importance when building a relationship. Make it fun, be funny, loving, sympathetic and most importantly, learn to listen and listen again.

This will give you a wonderful relationship and make your life rich and full of joy. So love and relationship are completely intertwined, where one falters when the other is absent.

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