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Living in the Country – Happily Ever After

Believe it or not, many people still enjoy the country life and country living. For some it is the simple feeling of connecting with their roots and their farming ancestors. Others are idealists and entrepreneurs in their own right, spearheading the move from city to country life all on their own and then there are some who just find the inexpensive lifestyle to enticing to pass up.

The majority of people automatically associate country living with farmlands and the raising of cattle, sheep, chickens or some other variety of livestock; and while many people who make their permanent residence in the country do own a horse or two, or maybe even several chickens, one can fully enjoy the country life without all of the chores and physical challenges of farming.

Some may purchase a lot of vacant land, maybe an acre or two large and build a small cottage on the site. Others prefer the nostalgia of a lived-in rustic ranch house or an elegant and beautiful log cabin. Yet still, some prefer making their residence in the old style farmhouse and pole barn – all our common establishments you can see while cruising down the country roads.

Tractors and riding lawnmowers are almost a necessity for the sizable lawns and yards you can find in the country. Another very commonplace vehicle is a four-wheeler or ATV, used to access the dirt or gravel roads that make up the majority of old country style streets and roads.

One of the best parts of living in such a remote location is the stunning views. Whether you are into bird-watching, star gazing, trail walking or just sitting in a chair on your patio, the country can really afford the keen eye some fantastic views that can be seen anywhere else.

However, many people agree that the best part of country living is the serene and peaceful quietness that can only be found miles away from civilization out in the country. Here there are very few if any major avenues or streets that are congested with traffic, smog and noise.

Of course most don’t want to go completely into seclusion – a couple miles or so from the nearest store is usually fine for the majority of people who want to live the country lifestyle. This however comes with drawbacks too, as these stores usually keep a low inventory, thereby resulting in higher prices than one might pay at a popular chain of retail or grocery stores in the city. The effect this has on people is actually quite minimal, however, as most people have at least some sort of means to grow or raise some food on their own.

Indeed it is certainly a different and much simpler way of life when you are out living in the country. Many refer to it as God’s country, and that’s exactly what it is. For the people that are brave enough to try it and even for those who are lucky enough to be able to enjoy it there is no better living than country living.

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