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Juicer Tips on the Best Fruit to Juice

Vegetable or fruit juicing is the key to a healthy life. It’s the best way to absorb all the essential nutrients needed by one’s body. Consuming fruit juices will give you a radiant, energetic life and optimum health too. Processing foods and exposing them to heat can destroy micronutrients that the fruit contains. By altering shape and chemical composition these vital nutrients will be put to waste. Juicing is an advanced way of consuming organic foods and getting the best out of it.

Fruits with high amount of citric acid should be consumed in moderation. There are various factors that will determine how much citric acid our body can manage and metabolized. A person’s age, metabolism, exercise habits and one’s health condition are important factors that should be considered before gulping down a gallon of orange juice. An upset stomach is not something everyone welcomes with a smile. It’s a dreadful experience and must be avoided at all cost.

Here are lists of juices that one should take in moderation.

Orange Juice

Amazingly enough, oranges account for the ¾ of the production of citrus in the world. Brazil and Florida are the two biggest sources of oranges throughout the world. It’s widely known that oranges are a good source of vitamin C and it’s high in fiber too.

Lemon and Lime Juice

This cooking staple that gives a tart flavor to your dishes contains very high amount of citric acid. Among all the citric fruits, lemons and limes are the most citric. It has been founded that limes gives out more citric acid than one liter of freshly squeezed orange juice. The concentration level is not even a variable, whether concentrated or fresh, the citric acid is the same.

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juices contain not only vitamin C but potassium and lycopene as well. This citric fruit does not react well with individuals taking prescription for cholesterol control. The grapefruit juice is also made up of chemicals that interfere with the metabolism reaction of the body to certain medications. This might lead to an unhealthy build-up of substances in the blood.

Juicer tips gives out a lists of fruits that contains moderate amount of citric acid. Fruits like, cherries, pineapples, cranberries and tomatoes are not too acidic for someone looking for a regular healthy dose of vitamin C. No upset stomach is always the best way to go right? Some might also dislike the extra flavor that citric fruits b rings to the table. Juicer Tips recommend juicing fruits that has very low amount of citric acid. These include mangoes, grapes, pears and apples– great healthy juices sans the acidic flavor.

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