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How to Use a Jewelry Loupe

Finding Your Dominant Eye

One eye is your dominant eye. Usually, if you are right-handed, your right eye is dominant and if you are left-handed, your left eye is dominant. But there is a quick test. Point to an object across the room with both eyes open. Close your left eye. Does your finger appear to jump to one side? If the answer is yes, then your left eye is dominant. Try the same test with your right eye closed. If your finger appears to jump to one side, your right eye is dominant.

Learning to Hold the Loupe at the Proper Distance

You will hold the loupe to your dominant eye keeping both eyes open. This is very important because you will strain your eye if you don’t keep both eyes open. It’s a little strange at first, but pretty easy to do with some practice.

Next, while holding the loupe, rest your thumb on your cheek bone. The loupe should be about one inch away from your eye at this point. If you wear glasses, you can choose to hold the loupe one inch from your eye, or remove your glasses. Either way is acceptable.

Bringing the Object into View

The most common mistake it to bring the loupe down to the object. Do not bring the loupe down to the object, bring the object to the loupe. When you bring the object to the loupe, the field vision increases and the clarity increases.

Sometimes, you may need a little more light so try to move under a light source or just tilt your head back a bit.

Different Types of Loupes Available

There are many qualities of loupes. The best loupes triplets. A triplet is a loupe that has three lenses stacked together. Make sure your triplet loupe is fully corrected for both distortion and color.

Another recent innovation is the lighted loupe. Some even have black lights built into the housing that holds the loupe. They run on very small batteries and can drain quickly, so remember to make sure the light is turned off when you have finished using the loupe.

You might want to consider buying extra batteries when you purchase your lighted loupe. They are not standard button batteries so you probably will not be able to pick them up at a local retail location. If you purchase batteries online, the cost of the shipping will likely exceed the cost of the batteries.