How To Pack Your Books For Shipping

Books are some of the most precious possessions we can have. Besides having been given by people who are dear to us, books are also a treasure all their own. They are the product of a person’s ideas and imagination. What they’ve written are eternal reminders of how these thoughts flowed from their mind into the thoughts of their readers. Indeed, a book is precious way beyond its physical form. However, when you ship books, this very form is what we would like to preserve because it is the only way we can make meaning of what has been written by the author.

When packing your precious books, one thing you should never forget is to clean them. Packing books when they’re bathed in dust is never a good idea. If you’re dealing with a bad stain on a glossy cover, you can use lighter fluid and cotton to smudge off the stain. Dust the books off using a feather duster or dry cloth, but never wipe them with damp cloth.

After you’ve cleaned the books of dust and dirt, you are ready to pack them. What you must remember when packing them is to keep them from getting moist. This is very basic. When you pack the books moist, it’s going to soften the pages and even make them disintegrate. So make sure you pack them after they’re completely dry. To keep moisture from developing during transit, put them in plastic sleeves or put them in a plastic bag and seal it all around with a packaging tape.

Once you’ve packed those books, you can put them in a container where you’ll be putting the name and address of the person you’re sending them to. It’s a good idea to cover your writings with clear tape so as to prevent the ink from spreading. It would be too much of a hassle if your courier had to contact you and you had to write down this information all over again. It’s very important that this information is clear because it is, after all, where your packed books are supposed to go.

Finding a reliable courier will, of course, be important because it can mean the difference between getting those books to the receiver on time and delaying the entire process. Some couriers will even lose your books along the way. You don’t want to deal with these people, so make sure you entrust your package to shippers you can trust.

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