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How To Be An “A” Student In School

1- Most students choose the wrong career in life, which affects their learning and success in school. As a student you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you are not good or comfortable with numbers, calculations and manipulations, then you should not be in sciences, or are you so good and efficient in writing, reading, observing, dramatizing, making people laugh or singing then maybe you should be in Arts, are you someone that enjoys commerce, business, transactions and handling of money then maybe you should be where it soothes you best, commercial class or department.

This bold step could either make or break your career in life and will also affect you in school, seek counselling, identify your talent and strength, do not be forced into doing what you are not comfortable with, go for what soothes you best not what soothes your family or friends.

If you are able to take this first step correctly then you are in line to becoming an “A” student. Never make the mistake of being in the wrong career.

2- Set a target for the session or semester, do you want to be an A, B,C or F kind of student, your target directs and dictates what happens at the end of the day… There are many things an A student must drop, which a B, C or F student can still cope with, it all boils down to your target and focus for the session, equip yourself with strength from within.

3- You must attend 90-95% of lectures or classes, learning is better and faster when someone is explaining either through pictures, words or text, it has been proven. To be an “A” student no lecture must be ignored or overlooked.. When you understand a topic or subject during lecture reading becomes very easy and less stressful, so do not be deceived that attending lectures is not as important as reading alone, far from it, they both work hand in hand.

A student who is dedicated and committed to attending lectures has a greater advantages over a student that does not.

Start attending more lectures.

4- Have a very comprehensive and self monitored personal time table.. Identify the time of the day that soothes your body system, are you nocturnal or diurnal.. If you perform better in the day, then set your timetable to fit into the day time, but if your a night person like a bat, then construct your time table to fit it. Out of 24hrs in a day at 5-7hrs must be dedicated to reading everyday, make it an habit, the more you read the wider and more magnetic your brain becomes.

5- This aspect is far the most difficult part to adjust, most students live their life to please things and activities that will not help them academically. So to be an “A” student there must be less parties, video games, a disciplined internet life, less phone calls, few social gatherings, though you can relax, have some fun, make some friends that will help you, but always have a limit and never forget to put that self control to work, with all these you are just a step from becoming an “A” student…..