How Tender Service Websites Work

Daily Tenders are an important economic factor and a chance to acquire new customers. Invitations to tender are made public via a large number of newspapers and websites. Don’t waste time and money looking for business opportunities – Tender information services will find and send notices specific to your type of business to you!

How These Services Work

By applying automated workflows and template-based document generators, Tender information services simplifies the process of public procurements.

Every morning tenders are gathered from the specific area of that website region or globally and, using a recommended state of the art software model, they are entered into main database. Tenders are categorized according to the area (the place where the service/product is required) and the department (the industry category of the service/product required).

The members are informed daily by email or mobile alerts of tenders matching their category. This tender alert with the detailed tender information is available to all members of these online tender information services websites.

Both tenders and members are registered according to their area and department. By maintaining these informations these services are able to match tenders with members, thus ensuring that members only receive their required tenders – relevant to where they can provide their service/product and to what service/product they can provide. Members can nominate more than one contact to receive e-mail or mobile alert notification.

Advantages Of These Services

Tender information services will keep you posted on all new Tenders of your choice. Over & above Tender Notice, They will also share with you Tender Corrigendum, Tender Document, Minutes of Pre Bid Meeting & Tender Results wherever available.

You can choose to get Daily Email Alerts or Access to Their Website if you are always on the move. If you want best of both the worlds, you can go for Combination plan too.

How To Subscribe

Step1. Select the site that best suits your requirement.

Step2. Register your self on the selected site, by paying their subscription.

Step3. Just inform them your product name and name of Government customer / organization, in which you are interested, they will start sending information regarding ‘New TENDERS through SMS ALERTS!!! on your mobile phone, as well as followed by e-mail alert.

Step4. Relax and enjoy the luxury of saving time and money,

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