How Good Gas Mileage Helps You and the Environment

When buying a vehicle, gas mileage is often an important selling point for many people. The idea of keeping your car on the road, traveling where you need to go for less money can be very appealing. However, the money saving aspect of getting good gas mileage is only the beginning of the benefits.

Cars that get good gas mileage are actually better for the environment, which may be an even more important reason than just padding your pocketbook.

Most consumers wonder exactly how their cars’ gas mileage has a direct impact on the environment. Many believe if their car has an emissions system in good working order, that alone is enough to help reduce pollution. Having a good result on emissions testing is crucial to reducing your impact on the environment, however it is not quite enough. Vehicle owners must understand how the amount of fuel they use when traveling or commuting impacts the world around them.

Reducing fuel consumption by purchasing a vehicle that gets good gas mileage or taking steps to improve an existing vehicle’s gas mileage makes an even bigger impact than most of us realize. In the US, much of the oil used to produce gasoline comes from foreign sources. Ships must bring the oil into the country, risking oil spills and other costly disasters, which pollute the waterways, land and air. High levels of pollution are a byproduct of the refineries that process the oil into fuel, further creating risks to our atmosphere. The pollution caused by the use of oil for fuel, whether foreign or domestic, wreaks havoc on the waterways, soil, plant life and air, essentially affecting every living organism on the planet.

The current popularity of hybrid vehicles and the increasing concern for the state of the environment is no coincidence. Vehicle manufacturers are beginning to take the impact of their products on the environment a little more seriously, as climate change and the ill-effects of pollution and fuel consumption become more important to buyers. Consumers are beginning to think more about the planet that we are leaving behind for our future generations, making wise purchases and taking steps to reduce their own fuel consumption by improving their vehicles’ gas mileage.

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