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Getting Motivated For Your MLM Success

Attending a recent Get Motivated event held in Milwaukee, WI was and excellent experience that should be had by anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge and learn tips from the people who are in the know. Each with an important and unique topic that involved their life experience.

The event started with the kick off speaker Dr. Robert Schuller, he spoke of success and belief and his certainty that they go hand in hand. In his short 15 minute presentation he stated that to be a true success in life and in your business you need God,that may offend some but don’t stop reading here because I am writing about all the speakers at the event and some people are just to thin skinned and offended by things that are just silly. This was part of many of the speakers dialog. Just get over it and move on! His said if you don’t have your faith you don’t have anything. This was the perfect way to start the event. I already felt myself and my MLM success growing, I saw getting motivated and excited along with a huge crowd.

Tom Hopkins told of his beginnings in the sales arena and of his first showing of a home to a prospective buyer. Let me tell you after he went through the story of how that unfolded I can say that nobody should ever worry about having an embarrassing situation. I am not going to repeat what happened but I know I have never even come close to it. Yet, some may wonder how does one person have almost impossible situations and become such a successful business man while others in a tight situation quit? Was it his motivation, his drive to prove to himself and others that he could succeed? Business growth is only achieved by tenacity and the realization that to succeed you need to fail over and over again. Each failure is a building block to build your success.

As a special guest they had Laura Bush as a speaker, what a elegant, well spoken lady. If you have never witnessed her great sense of humor, she was hilarious. She brought along a Laura Bush bobble head doll that a friend sent her that he found at an airport. She said when you are in the public eye you need to keep your sense of humor and not listen to the critics do what you believe is the right thing to do. Do you listen to the critics? You are the judge of what is right for you and you need to take responsibility for your future. She talked about how her life changed first going into the White House, after 9/11 and when they left the White House. Be ready and willing to change and evolve that is how you make. For your MLM success you need to change and grow.

Zig Ziglar one of the great all time motivational speakers had a fall a few years ago losing his short term memory which is a shame but great man that he is still wants to motivate everyone. Along with his daughter he does more of a question and answer session with her to stay on task and not repeat himself. Part of his presentation was the Q&A and the rest was series of clips throughout the years. Zig is still a motivation master with the help of his family. Are you that dedicated for your MLM success?

Teamwork was the topic for Terry Bradshaw, he was told he would never amount to anything, but as part of a team grew into a take charge quarterback. Terry also has a great sense of humor, he can laugh at himself claims he is ugly and not very smart yet he had the confidence to lead a victory NFL team calling his own team plays and bringing the team to their goal. Do you know how to bring your MLM team together for business growth and success/

Steve Forbes CEO & President of Forbes, Inc jokingly said the best way to make your fortune is to be born into it. Then he led us all through the maze of investing, building a portfolio, and having the confidence to grow into the business leader you need to be. His was a little more technical and filled with numbers and strategy. Do you know the numbers and have a strategy for your MLM success?

Both Rudy Giuliani and Gen. Colin Powell talked of change as they have both changed careers and their status into a private instead of a government job.
Though their topics were different I got a similar message from both. Thinking on your feet, outside the box, or how ever you would like to term it. You need to use your resources and knowledge to work out any problem that is thrown at you. What have you had to over come so far and what are you willing to do to become a MLM success story?

James Smith a real estate investor was also a great speaker. One thing in particular was getting your priorities in line. His attitude was very in your face and was not afraid to offend any group of people. He had a very get over yourself thought pattern in his presentation. Move on and become the best you that you can be. Are you the best you can be?

Though this seminar was not about MLM business as you read this article you can see how I relate every bit of knowledge into business growth and MLM success.To become more successful rub elbows with the successful and to learn more about MLM success click the link below.