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Get Some Exercise Through the Game of Paintball

If you’re going to play your first game of paintball there are some things that you’ll want to know to make the game easier for you and less frightening. Sometimes just knowing what to expect can help make the game more enjoyable. One of the first things that you’ll want to remember is to always leave your mask on your face. This is a huge safety factor that you won’t want to ignore. A paintball moves with such great force and speed that you’ll certainly damage your eye if you’re hit. You may think that the paintball will hurt when it hits you and this isn’t true at all. You will, however, feel those paintballs on the next day so be prepared for some soreness and bruising. If you have the opportunity to play with the paintball gun before you use it in an actual game you’ll be able to get a feel for the gun and know just how far you can shoot. Otherwise it will be a guessing game for you the first time around.

Try to wear clothing that is dark rather than light in color. If you wear bright colors, in particular white, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb and be killed in no time! You’ll also want to wear comfortable shoes that give you a great deal of gripping action so that you don’t slide around on the ground. This is especially true when the ground is wet from the rain. Follow the rules carefully and don’t cheat. Experienced paintball players hate cheaters and you certainly won’t be invited back to play another game. Take it easy for the first game or two that you play until you get a feel for the way the gun feels and a bit more experience for feeling like you’re being hunted. The game of paintball is a great way to get some exercise and spend some time outdoors.