G-Force Movie – True and False

In response to the new 3D movie put out by Disney, allow me to give you a few true and false about the movie and real guinea pigs.

A Guinea Pig Can walk on its hind legs – False, A piggy only walks on all fours. The walking on two legs in G-Force was only Disney’s way of personifying the pigs.

People cook and eat Guinea Pigs – True, unfortunately in Peru piggies are considered a yummy treat. Though who would want to eat such a cute little thing is beyond me.

Guinea Pigs can learn Martial Arts – Utterly false. Piggies don’t have the muscles required to do such a thing.

It is a good idea to room two males and a female together – False, unless you want baby piggies, fighting over dominance, and severe injury. Even if you do want baby piggies, you should room only one male and one female, if you room all three one male may claim dominance and kill the other male.

Guinea Pigs can swim – False, guineas cannot swim and would likely drown if put in deep water

It is okay to put a guinea pig on a toy car and drive it around – False. Just flat out no. Did you really need to ask this? Doing reckless things like this to your guinea pig can be severely hurtful to him or her.

Guinea pigs can be put in glass tanks – False, piggies should be in airy cages with a plastic bottom to protect their feet.

It is okay to room a guinea pig with a hamster – False, hamsters and guineas are too different in size and diet. Rooming a guinea pig an a hamster can result in injury to one or the other or death if they start fighting.

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