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Electronics Review – Understanding the New Model of TVs

Electronics are always looking to new technologies to make their products better, and electronics are one of the biggest purchases consumers often make. Many of us may already own or we are looking to own one of the many new TV models available. Yet so few of us have any understanding of what exactly is a LCD, Plasma, or HDTV. Continue reading to get a better understanding of these three innovations in consumer electronics.

Plasma TV’s are relatively new to the electronics market. They work by provide a luminous visual image on a screen by reflecting the light. They do this by enhancing the color spectrum of light. In a Plasma Display the negative and positive charged particles are attracted to each other and the convergence is what gives us such a great picture!

The LCD TV is the oldest of this new wave of electronics and very popular. It all began with a discovery by an Austrian botanist named Friedrich Reinitzer. In 1888 he discovered that upon melting cholesteryl benzoate (a cholesterol-like substance), it would form into a blue crystal after cooling down. RCA didn’t begin to try and implant the technology until 1968 in its electronics. Since then many innovations has continued to develop the LCD and more is yet to come.

High Definition Television also know as HDTV, is simply a way of sending television signals in a digital format instead of the old traditional analog method. Electronics in this broadcasting standard can display over 1800 lines of information. Compared to analog that’s an increase of over 1300! This increase in resolution creates a much sharper and refined image in electronics that use this method.

Now that you understand the differences in these new wave of electronics you are much better informed to choose your next purchase. Remember that these technologies are still improving, and they are much more expensive than more traditional electronics you could purchase. Good luck in choosing your next electronics purchase!