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David Blaine Bringing People Together

David Blaine is one of a kind. He is a mysterious man that puts
his mind and body through extreme conditions. His latest stunt
that was televised live on national TV, called “Drowned Alive”,
drew thousands of people together to witness his attempt to hold
his breath under water for 9 minutes.

David Blaine had become famous initially for his natural ability
to shock people with his slight of hand card tricks, and also
his mind blowing magic tricks that would send people screaming
down the streets not wanting to believe what they just had
witnessed. But now, Blaine has been becoming more of a man that
will test the limits of his body. There is no smoke and
mirrors. There are no cards involved. It is just Blaine
himself, his body and his spirit performing some of the most
interesting attempts of mind over matter.

His latest attempt was to live underwater for a week and then
attempt to hold his breath for 9 minutes to break the world
record of 8 minutes and 58 seconds. But of course he had to be
chained up under water also to make it more challenging for him.

Well in the end, Blaine failed at achieving the world record as
he fell short of the record by just under 2 minutes. Still,
very impressive. But did Blaine really fail?

As David Blaine spoke after being rescued my divers to pull him
out of the water, he was “humbled” as to all the support he had
received from people all around the world. What David Blaine
attempted to do was break a world record, but what really
happened was to show how people come together and get behind

If you look back at all his other attempts of putting his body
under great stress, there is one common theme that occurs. It’s
the gathering of people. David Blaine realized what he was
doing was also bringing people of all walks of life together all
rooting and cheering together. Everybody’s differences and
problems were set aside. Whether he fails to break a world
record, or manages not to endure his latest attempt of stress on
his body, it’s about the magic that he brings to the people and
the power he can demonstrate to other people that if you really
want to achieve something in life, you can. Just use your mind
and take action.