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Custom Closet Organizing Systems for Business Women

Dressing professionally can be a challenge for women. Their outfits must match, fit well and be presentable in the business environment. They also must vary in color and style so that it does not appear that they are wearing the same outfit every day. Staying organized can be difficult for women who lead a busy lifestyle, have different outfits for work and for play, and must somehow keep up with fashion and looking great everywhere they go. For women who are short on time and need a simple method of finding the right outfits in wearable condition at a moment’s notice, custom closet organizing systems are an important and helpful step.

Wearing a business suit with pants or a skirt as part of the ensemble projects a professional image. Closet organizers are ideal for the business woman who needs a different suit every day and doesn’t have a lot of time to iron or hunt for the pieces that match. Dress pants and skirts are also easy to find, mix and match with various tops.

Blouses and dressy tops should be hung up on hangers. While they can be folded and put away in drawers, they often wind up wrinkled or with an awkward vertical crease mark down the middle. When hung up in custom closet modules, they are visible and available, often with no need for ironing or reshaping. Blouses are ideal for shorter racks.

Shoes are important business attire accessories. Wearing the wrong pair can throw off the entire look of the outfit and create a poor impression. They must be the right color and style. Since shoe selection often takes trial and error with the outfit, they should be accessible. Closet organizers with custom shoe storage allows right and left shoes to be stored together side-by-side or one on top of the other, depending on the personal preference of the user. At least part of the shoe should be visible for easy coordination.

Belts accent the waist and can bring an outfit together. Choosing the right one is usually a matter of color and width. Belts are often ignored or forgotten because they are hard to find and can fall on the floor beneath the shoes. Hanging belts in the custom closet with a special accessory hanger helps them to stand out when outfits and accessories are chosen.

From Work to Play Clothes
For women on-the-go, it is equally important to have outfits to wear out for an evening with friends, family or on dates. This usually involves rushing home and changing into something fabulous that’s in the closet, waiting in ready-to-wear condition. Finding the right outfit for fun times is easier when these garments have a portion of the closet to themselves. Smart dresses, stylish skirts, skinny jeans and dress pants can be included in the design of custom closet organizing systems, making it easier for women with a busy lifestyle to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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