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Crossing the Bogs While Hill Walking

Bogs are often noticed at hilly areas. It is the term often replaced by quagmire or marsh. All the three terms are used interchangeably with each other. The mystery of these lands is that they may appear solid to you at first sight but in fact they are known as wetlands, which are quite watery and spongy at the same time. These surfaces are highly saturated and if you wander into it, you will likely to get stuck into it or even in some unfortunate cases you can even sucked in, if you don’t know how to escape marshy or boggy land. It is important to know the basics of crossing the bogs, especially if you live in hilly areas with a good number of bogs. Some tips are given here, which can be of some help to deal with any unpleasant circumstances while crossing the bogs.

1. If unluckily you stuck into the bogs, keep yourself calm. You need not to panic at all. Just keep your nerves and try to figure out the way to escape from it. Any useless efforts or wriggling can push you deeper so stay cool.

2. Always try to move your legs in back and forth direction to build air gaps, this will somehow help you to come out of it.

3. Another way is to lie down straight. Try to pull your feet out of the mud. Lying straight will increase the leverage and also by doing this your weight will evenly distributed on the surface and slows the process of sinking. Once your legs come out, crawl slowly towards the safer place.

4. One other method is to spread your hands on both the sides and try to grab something solid that will help you force out of the bogs. And luckily if you are accompanied by a friend, ask him to throw a rope or a piece of solid wood and pull you out.

However, there are times when these bogs are easy to cross. It is in extended drought or in extremely cold weather. Dusty wallows and cracked surface is the indication of dry bogs due to prolonged dry weather. While in extreme cold weather the top most surface of the bogs become hard and crusty due to frosted layer of water.

Points to Remember

– It is suggested that cross the bogs alone only in emergency situations. Otherwise, it can be risky at times to cross the bogs alone.
– Another important fact is to keep your nerves cool. Often in panic situations, we lose control of ourselves and put ourselves in more trouble instead.