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Copper Chimney Caps Are an Aesthetically Pleasing Addition to Chimneys

Not only is a copper top a useful feature for homes and buildings in any climate, it is also a distinctive and beautiful adornment for any roofline. The beauty of copper is obvious regardless of how it is taken care of and care and look are actually based on the personal preference of the property owner or resident. Some homeowners and property owners love the look that a shiny copper chimney cap has to offer. On the other hand some people prefer the natural look of copper as an aesthetically pleasing addition to their roof and chimney.

Natural copper chimney caps do not require any maintenance to maintain their appearance. On the other hand, shiny copper, unlike natural, requires a great deal of maintenance. It needs frequently cleaning and shining to retain its glory, otherwise the copper patina into a green color that some people may not enjoy.

There are several benefits to copper chimney tops. Some of these benefits include keeping unwanted items and creatures out of a chimney, preventing water damage and lessening a chimney draft. In fact, a copper cap is often the least expensive way to fix and prevent problems in a chimney.

A copper cap has many uses because a chimney itself is a multi-functional item. One of the most popular reasons that chimneys are used in a home or building is as an accessory for a heating device, like a fireplace, a palette stove or a wood stove. The smoke from these heat sources escapes out of the chimney and keeps the house or commercial building clean and smoke free.

A copper chimney top works well when installed by a professional. While these caps are best when installed by a professional; they can be installed by a homeowner with the right precautions, especially if the homeowner is experienced or knowledgeable in the area of roofs and chimney care.

There are a few things that should happen prior to purchasing a copper chimney cap it is imperative that a chimney is measured properly and the flues are accurately counted. These measurements and counts are essential in obtaining the correct chimney cap for a specific chimney. The wrong measurements can result in the inappropriate size of a chimney cap. The wrong size will result in a poor functioning cap or top.

The measuring and description process require a trip up to the roof to examine the chimney closely. This trip requires the proper safety precautions for walking on the roof. Roofs can be steep and therefore are easy to fall off of. If a homeowner is unenthusiastic about traipsing around the roof and chimney, a chimney sweep or other chimney professional should be called out to take accurate measurements for copper chimney caps.

There are many sizes for copper chimney caps. Different sizes fit different types of chimneys and is important for them to fit properly. Proper fit ensures the right functions and uses for the chimney caps.

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