Common Rare Coins

Coin collecting is a hobby that many people enjoy, and finding rare coins is a collector’s dream. Not all of these “rare” coins are impossible to find, so sometimes looking in pockets can yield surprising results. Four of the most surprising finds in the United States include a 1965 silver dime, the 1943 copper penny, a dime from 1982 with no mint letter and a double stamped quarter from 2001.

The silver dime was pressed in 1965, and if found today can be worth more than $9,000. This coin is worth so much because using silver to make coins was halted in 1964. Though only a few have been found, it is believed that more are in circulation, making this a very valuable minting mistake. One way to tell if the 1965 dime is made from silver or the newer copper and nickel mixture is to look at the edge. The edge on the rare coin will be silver, while the common one’s edge will have a brown stripe all the way around it.

Part of the series of state quarters, the 2001 New York quarter’s run features a few misprints. Some of these coins were stamped twice during their creation in Philadelphia. Worth anywhere between $400 and $3,000, these quarters feature a second, off-center image on both the front and the back of the coin, making it an easily identifiable find.

The most valuable of the three, the 1943 copper penny will go for anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000, but only about 40 are estimated to exist. Created by accident at the beginning of the new line of steel pennies during the war, these can be detected by using a magnet to test the penny. If it sticks, the penny is made of steel, if it does not, an expert’s analysis is necessary to authenticate the find.

Not worth as much with a prince range from $100 to $3,000, this dime from 1982 without a “P” is also a misprint. Two years earlier, minters began stamping a small “P” above the date on coins minted in Philadelphia. This small batch was pressed without this marking, and must be authenticated by a professional, as this is the easiest alteration to fake.

Though these rare coins are few and far between, people have been known to find them without looking. Going through a handful of change, or searching through pockets may not be a waste of time. This search could result in some sort of lucky find such as one of these coins. Finding the coin is the hardest part of the process. There are many collectors out there who would love to bring home these rare pieces of history.

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