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    Vacation Planning

    Planning a vacation? Don’t forget to follow some simple steps to avoid unnecessary headaches and stress. Careful planning can help you make your well deserved vacation a lot more enjoyable. Going on a vacation ought to be an opportunity to relax and yet in a lot of cases, it can be a stressful ritual. These tips are recommended to have a more enjoyable and less stressful getaway. 1. Plan first – This may be an obvious but often neglected step. Lack of preparation can cause more problems during and even after the trip, making it more stressful and less enjoyable for you and your companions. Think of what you want…

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    Williamsburg Virginia

    Williamsburg, Virginia is a historic colonial town that played an important role in the founding of the United States of America. Located 150 miles south of Washington, D.C., it is a prime tourist destination for students of American history and families rediscovering the national pride of their country’s founding fathers. Williamsburg can be accessed through three airports. The Richmond International Airport and the Norfolk International Airport are both less than an hour away from Williamsburg. The nearest airport is the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, which is less than half an hour away from the former capital of Virginia. Shuttle services from the airport to Williamsburg are available. If you are…

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    Preventing Break-Ins During Vacation Season

    Most people go on holidays during as a way to reduce their stress levels and to get away from the fast pace and high pressure of modern life – but studies show around three quarters of consumers worry about returning to find that they’ve been victims of burglary. There are numerous strategies and technologies that can be used to make your home a less attractive target to would-be thieves, and to stop or frighten them away even in the event of a break-in. Most electronic alarm systems will automatically telephone police or even fire officials in the event of a break-in or fire. Most people who have installed some kind…

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    7 Great Things To Do in Alabama

    1) Anniston Museum of Natural History – Dinosaurs, African elephants and other wonders of the natural world all under one roof! Must stop in Anniston, AL for all kids young or old. 2) Old Alabama Town of Montgomery displays the magnificent collection of well-restored 19th and early 20th century structures in the heart of Montgomery. Don’t miss the Saturday Jam Session for top-draw home-grown sweet music. 3) U.S. Huntsville Space Center is proof positive that Alabama still counts when it comes to cutting-edge science and space exploration. Join a tour and marvel at the best of 21st century technology. 4) The Rosa Parks Museum is a historic landmark of monumental…

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    Immigration to Canada – Pass Mark Areas

    In this article, I will explain the different areas of the Canadian Immigration Skilled Worker Pass Mark. Education One of the goals of the Canadian immigration system is to attract skilled workers to their country. Skilled workers usually have more than a high school diploma, so the Pass-Mark system rewards higher point totals for advanced studies.However, you don’t need a master’s degree or above to get a high score in this area. In fact, you’ll also get points if you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree, completed an apprenticeship, or attended a trade/vocational school. Language Canada, unlike the United States, has an official language. In fact, it has two: English and French.…

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    Solo Female Travel Myths Crushed

    Travelling abroad as a female on your own is almost classed as a taboo in this day and age. When you meet female travellers abroad peoples first reaction is of shock when they realise they are travelling alone, yet when the conversation progresses people come to realise that the female traveller hasn’t encountered any problems and has had a relatively easy ride, so to speak. In this 24 hour media bubble we all live in, the majority of reports coming from abroad usually have something to do with war, famine or corruption, making us think we are not safe outside of our own countries borders, when in fact it’s more…

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    Buddhist Tourism in India

    The incredible India is a treasure trove of so many varieties. A part from the natural, architectural treasure our mother land allure tourists with different religious tours unlike other countries. Besides Hindu tourism, Islam and Christian tourism, India offers deep insight into the Buddhist tourism in India to its guest. Buddhism was born in India by Gautam Buddha and it started to spread all over the world. There are many Buddhist pilgrimage centres in India. Devotees from all over the globe visit India to explore the true essence of Buddhism. The popular Buddhist pilgrimage centre are: Lumbini – The birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is one of the main…

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    A Guide to the Breton Culture of Brittany in France

    The origins of Breton Culture Between the 4th and 6th centuries missionaries from Wales travelled to the region, then known as Armorica by resident Romans, and set up monasteries. These missionaries became known as the ‘Seven Founder Saints’ of Brittany; Saint Pol Aurelian, at St Pol de LeonSaint Tudwal, at TreguierSaint Brioc, at St BrieucSaintt Malo, at St MaloSaint Samson of Dol, at Dol de BretagneSaintt Patern, at VannesSaint Corentin, at Quimper During this time the region of Armorica was transformation into ‘Brittany’ when the Brythonic, people of British Celtic origins, settled in the areas around these monasteries. This is seen as the birth of Breton culture. This wave of…

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    My Canada

    Canada is the most northernly located country in North America. Canada borders the United States of America to the south and the Artic Ocean to the North. Due to it’s extremely northern position Canada is the most northern located country in the world! Being the Second largest country in the world, there is a lot of Canada up north. Canada Consists of ten provinces and three territories, Canada is a country of approximately thirty two million. Canada had two official languages, both English and French. Canada’s Provinces and Territories are as follows: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon,…

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    Cody Wyoming

    Out in front of The Cody, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce is an enormous bronze statue of two cowboys shaking hands on horses. Cody and the surrounding areas are growing very nicely and the downtown district is alive with tourists and travelers who come to take part in the history of the Old West. The Cody Chamber has an interesting past in itself. Check out their web site at; http://www.codychamber.org/. For us to say that Cody, Wyoming would be a most excellent place for a small business is an understatement; lots of tourism, money flow and just good folks; its all good. We loved our visit to Cody and we love…

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