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    Increase Miles Per Gallon – HHO is the Key

    HHO increases the value of the fuel we use; not only does it do this, but it also increases our engines lifespan, and increases our wallet size as well. Gas is expensive, and the prices are not going to get any lower. Install an HHO kit in your car, and you can guarantee an increase in gas mileage. You see… a lot of what you think you know about gas is hidden. Did you know that more than half of the gas you put in your car is completely wasted! Our car’s engines are so bad that we only use roughly around 20 – 40 % of the gas we…

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    Driving Lessons – Independent Driving

    In October 2010 a new feature was introduced into the driving test called “Independent Driving” or ID for short. The Independent Driving part of the test lasts around ten minutes and the test examiner has discretion on the manner of implementing this section. It can take the format of the candidate being shown a diagram, which is explained by the examiner, after which the candidate must then drive independently, that is with no further directions from the examiner, following the route explained by the examiner. Alternatively, the Independent Driving element of the test can take the form of the examiner giving the candidate a place name and instructing them to…

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    Finally, Proven Secrets That Cut Your Gas Costs Permanently!

    We have all experienced the rising gas costs, causing most of us significant strain on our monthly budgets. As we wait for either the government or gas companies to lower the costs, there are things we can do in the interim in order to experience some relief at the gas tank. Lesser Known Ways for Reducing the Cost of Gas 1) Buy gas during cold weather – gas is sold by volume, not by concentration. When it is warm outside, gas expands and when it is cold, gas contracts. To get the most out of your money, filling your tank up with fuel during cold weather can save you money…

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    Car Appreciated For Grand Acceleration

    Skoda Auto India Pvt. Ltd is well known for luxury cars. Skoda Yeti is an excellent product offered by this car manufacture company and appreciated for grand acceleration, outstanding pick up and maximum speed of 177kmpl. The dimension of this model is just excellent and has 4223 mm length, 1793 mm width and 1691 mm height. This model is prepared with stylish interiors which includes designer dashboard, sunglass compartment and fabric upholstery. Five people can easily enjoy their traveling in this 5 doors designed model. Skoda Yeti comes with two engine options Diesel Engine and Turbo Charger Diesel Engine: Features of Diesel Engine-1. 1.1968cc diesel engine, 4 Cylinder,2. Highest Power-…

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    Remote Starter – Is it For You?

    One of the most popular purchases to be made in the automotive aftermarket industry this winter will be remote starters. Remote starters have become increasingly popular every year, with the majority of sales occurring between October and February. Sales peak around the holidays with many people purchasing them for loved ones at Christmas time. Remote starters allow the owner of a vehicle to start the engine on their vehicle with a wireless remote or key fob. There are many advantages to this, including warming up your car on a cold morning, unlocking the doors on your car, automatically starting your car in extreme cold temperatures to keep the gas and…

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    Make a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car and Cut Your Trips to the Gas Station in Half!

    I hate going to the gas station. Where I live there are only two that are really close by. The best one is always busy and sometimes I have to wait 20 minutes or more before I get a chance to fill up. You can tell I’m not noted for my patience. To add insult to injury I almost have to take out a second mortgage these days to pay for the tank of gas I just spent so long waiting for. That’s why I decided to find out how I could avoid having to go through that every week. Here are my findings 90% of my fuel cost is…

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    Expensive Or Discount Options For Custom Wheels?

    Most people like to customise the look of their vehicle to give it a unique and stylish flair that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack. Everyone likes to be able to stand back and admire their pride and joy and even better if other people like to admire it as well. Appearance is the main reason for getting chrome wheels as when polished they stand out more than any other type of decorative finish. To add an extra sports look you can increase the size of your vehicle wheels but seek advice on this as it can affect the handling. Very important that you must buy…

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    Tornado Fuel Saver – Does the Tornado Fuel Saver Work?

    Remember when gas prices were around the one dollar amount? That was a time when we did not appreciate what we had. There is a product out there that will improve your gas mileage anywhere from 10 percent to just fewer than 30 percent, it is called the Tornado Fuel Saver. Does this technology work? Yes, it does but why settle for that improvement when you could increase your miles per gallon more than that? The Tornado Fuel Saver is a simply engineered product that is designed to improve your vehicles fuel economy. It resides in you vehicle air intake system where is causes the incoming air to twist as…

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    Texting and Driving – A Dangerous Combination

    Almost everyone has a cell phone nowadays. It is really handy and convenient to be able to pick up a little plastic box and be able to communicate with anyone on the planet. Even more so is the ability to text short messages to people in order to update them on your status, or alert them to any changes. The ease and simplicity of text messaging as a method of communication has revolutionized communication and has had a monumental impact on the daily experience of many people’s lives. Unfortunately, the impact it has had is not always a good one. Because text messaging is convenient and easy and almost everyone…

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    Accidents in Rental Cars

    Car accidents are never pleasant experiences, and they are even less enjoyable when they involve rental cars. Most of the time, if you’ve rented a car, you’re in an unfamiliar city and you don’t know the lay of the land. You may be wondering about what your next step is, and it’s easy to feel frightened and alone. On top of that, you’re driving somebody else’s car. Fortunately, there is a pretty standard system in place used by virtually every insurance company, and if you know the situation going in, there will be virtually nothing to worry about. Insurance When you file the papers to rent a vehicle, you’ll be…

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