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7 Time Management Tips That Will Make You Productive

Time management is a skill that must be mastered in order to be productive. Some people spend their time daily engaging in activities that frustrate their purpose. Discussed in this article are eight time management tips that can help you achieve more in less time.

1. Know your priorities and respect them

It is very expedient that you have a list that contains the activities that you hope to accomplish during the day. The list should contain items that have been arranged in order of priority. Items with high priority should be treated first before moving to another one. When your priorities are well spelled out, you will make tremendous progress in what you hope to achieve. One thing is to have a priority list; another thing is to respect them. You have to be disciplined to follow your list systematically in order to get the best from proper time management.

2. Strive to distinguish your important activities from the urgent ones

Knowing the difference between your important and urgent task is very necessary. Important tasks are those that ones accomplished; lead you to a greater reward. Most times, they lead to long term progress. In most cases, important activities occur often and are usually not urgent. While Urgent tasks are those that requires your immediate attention. Some times, they are not necessary. For example, picking a phone call, checking you email, attending to a friend who just walked into your office etc.

3. Know where you spend your time

Most times we engage in tasks that are of low value which eventually steal our time and render us less efficient. Keep a log of the time you spend your day, week and month. By engaging in this exercise, you will be surprised at how you waste you time on unnecessary activities.

4. Set goals with deadlines

Be disciplined to set goals with deadline. The purpose of the deadline is to stimulate you to work. Also it helps you stay focused on the task until it is completed.

5. Get yourself a time management tool

There are many time management software that are available in the market today. Browse the internet to learn about the different types and try to buy one you can afford. Some software programs are designed to help you schedule events and tasks with ease. Some even go as far as reminding you of events in advance. These software make you time management planning easier to execute.

6. Develop the habit of outsourcing or delegating

If there are many items on your list that you hope to accomplish, and it looks like they may drain you off your energy, the best thing to do is to delegate or outsource some. Scrutinize your priority or to-do list and determine activities that others can help you execute and delegate or outsource them at ones. This helps you to achieve more in less time.

7. Get your workspace organised

Before setting out to work, the first thing to do is to organise your workspace. This would save you from distraction that may arise while working. Get all the necessary materials you need at the moment and keep the unimportant ones far from you.

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