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5 Tips To Take Phenomenal Snowboarding Photos

Even if you only head up to the mountain once a year, it’s nice to have proof of your alpine adventures. It’s even better when your proof is a work of art. You don’t have to be a professional photographer (or snowboarder for that matter) to create visually stunning snowboarding pictures. You just need an artist’s eye for it. The following tips and tricks will help you get some great shots next time you head out with your friends.

1.) Always try to place your subject in one of the four thirds of the frame. In photography, this is known as the rule of thirds. Nobody knows exactly why, but when you place your subject a third away from the edge of the frame, the picture is suddenly a ton more interesting to look at.
Try out a bunch of different angles, but always keep your shredding subjects just slightly off of center. It can be difficult to avoid placing your subjects in the center of the frame, but it is the first step towards taking amazing snowboarding pictures.

2.) Pay attention to the sun’s position in the sky. This is important in all photography, but especially with sports like snowboarding. In the winter, the sun only shines partway on your subjects, so you will need to know what time of day the sun will be shining where you want to take your photo. In December, your time window is fairly limited. Your best times to shoot will probably be between 10 and 2 P.M.

3.) If your friend is jumping off of something, or sliding across it, you will want to get the entire jump or rail in the picture. It’s always good to give your viewers an idea of the actual size of the features being hit. This is even more important if your friend is going huge. Also, try to include the landing zone if you can. The sense of scale you add will make your friend’s accomplishment all the more realistic.

4.) Don’t move the camera while you’re taking the photo. Think of how the entire scene will fit into the frame, set up the camera, and wait for your buddy to get in range. It helps if your camera allows you to shoot pictures in continuous mode. You can hold down the shutter throughout the entire process and increase your chances of getting a great shot.

5.) Picture your background. The mountains are full of awesome backdrops that will make your snowboarding pictures stand out. Use cliffs, mountain architecture, and dramatic skies to your advantage. Try to avoid using clusters of trees in your backgrounds. Your buddies will blend in a little too much with them. If you can get your friends to wear very bright clothing, your images will really pop.

As you can see, you don’t need a really expensive camera to take great snowboarding pictures. Just follow these small steps and you’ll have some sick pics of your own.