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10 Dollar Magic Review – Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

10 Dollar Magic is a new online or Internet based business opportunity that believes they can help others make up to nearly $10 thousand dollars a month online. So is this a legitimate opportunity, and can you truly find financial freedom online for only $10?

10 Dollar Magic is an online opportunity with all of its products being e-books and other downloads based on Internet marketing and ‘get rich quick’ on the Internet material. There are many of these opportunities popping up recently with many of these same products that in fact are very basic when it comes to the actual material presented. The products themselves will be used by the member as an enticement to join through a free offer of one of the products themselves. These products could be sold however and 100% of the retail price earned by the member.

The entry fee starts at $10 and this amount continues on a monthly basis to continue as a member of 10DM. The compensation plan is simple enough to understand because as you recruit new individuals into the program itself you will earn $1 for each person through 8 levels. Each level of course begins with a certain amount of new members that will have to be retained to qualify for these levels and commission. The system is also based upon a 2×8 matrix compensation structure in which you will need to recruit 3 individuals that runs the 8 levels deep and you will need the first three to qualify for the first $3 of commission.

The opportunity with 10 Dollar Magic is a legitimate opportunity, however with a small entry fee usually means small commission. This particular commission structure will create the need for the new member to literally recruit not only 100’s, but 1000’s of members to create a truly substantial income online. For many of us who have found success online, these systems themselves are not ‘get rich quick’ opportunities and need complete due diligence done before investing your time and money. For those who have Internet marketing knowledge and have mastered certain methods, this could be a quick way to grow your list and funnel system while making a small sum at the same time.

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